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On-line versions of books authored, co-authored, or edited by Roger Hiemstra (please adhere to the copyright rules described in each resource).

Creating Environments for Effective Adult Learning

The Educative Community

Individualizing Instruction: Making Learning Personal, Empowering, and Successful

Lifelong Learning: An Exploration of Adult and Continuing Education Within a Setting of Lifelong Learning Needs,

Overcoming Resistance to Self-Direction in Adult Learning

Self-Direction in Adult Learning: Perspectives on Theory, Research, and Practice

Changing Approaches to Studying Adult Education

A newly developed supplement follows. It is designed to help the interested reader develop expertise in understanding adult and continuing education through self-study efforts. It combines material developed by Roger Hiemstra with other relevant material.

The Lifelong Learning Reader

Background information on Roger Hiemstra, including genealogy information on the Hiemstra line, and a link to my wonderful 70th birthday surprise gift. Go here to read my blog.

Information on the various ERIC documents authored by Roger Hiemstra.

General information related to the field of adult education or an introduction to adult education , including a reference piece related to developing a personal philosophy statement, Howard McClusky's "Theory of Margin", creating portfolios (including e-portfolios), and material on andragogy and Malcolm Knowles.

Instruction and learning-related materials.

Here is information related to gerontology, educational gerontology, and working with older adults.

General information related to distance education and computer-mediated distance education.

Program planning, development, and management-related materials.

Adult development-related materials.

Professional writing and publishing-related materials.

Research methods and materials, especially as they relate to the teaching or training of adults; here is some material related to a capstone or advanced understanding of adult education or training adults.

Material related to Ethics and the Adult and Continuing Educator.

Self-Directed Learning Information, a link to the self-directed learning home page. This also includes information on the annual International Self-Directed Learning Symposium, various available publications, and the on-line Journal, International Journal of Self-Directed Learning. Please join us for the 24th  International Self-Directed Learning Symposium in Cocoa Beach, Florida, February, 2009. The site also contains information on the annual Malcolm Knowles Memorial Self-Directed Learning Award. Here is a link to the wonderful Wiki developed at the 2011 symposium by a talented group of graduate students from the University of Tennessee.

Self-Directed Learning Tools, Techniques, and Resources.

Kellogg Project, Syracuse University, 1986-1993, Final Report , a Kellogg Project Photo Gallary, and Kellogg Project Publications (Breaking New Ground and English Language Adult Education Books)

Adult Education History Project, with links to corresponding Syracuse University archival material.

Learn about Sam May, a well-known abolitionist, reformer, Unitarian minister, and supporter of education. Click on Samuel J. May at this site. Additionally, here is a description of various materials written about Rev. May and a brief tribute to Sam May.

Click here if you would like to learn more about Unitarian Universalists, a liberal religious faith. In addition, go to the May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society (MMUUS), Syracuse, New York, web page for an overview of the church's history. In addition, go here to learn more about the MMUUS history.The church is named after its second minister, Rev. Sam May, a national leader in abolition, women's rights, and education. There is much there for religious scholars and others interested in the development of a church over a nearly 170 year period. A history preservation workshop was held on October 27, 2007, in Syracuse. Click here for a resource packet that was utilized during the workshop, including three slide show presentations. There also is a description of the church materials stored at the Syracuse University Library's Arents Archives, the Syracuse University archival inventory, past archive activities, and current archive activites. There is an historical sketch of the May Memorial Church from 1838-1938, entitled A Backward Glance O'er Traveled Roads. There is a booklet on the dedication, October 20, 1885, of the May Memorial Church on James Street. Here is a brief tribute to the May Memorial church buildings. Here is the story of the stained glass windows in the James Street church. Finally, there is a history of the church from its inception through 1988 entitled May No One Be A Stranger.

If it is your birthday and you would like to have happy birthday sung to you, just click here and a fantastic group will sing it.

International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame members can be viewed via the personal vita project below

Learning History by Studying Adult Education Leaders: I 'm working on a "personal vita" project, where the vitas of past and current adult education leaders are displayed in a common format. Your contributions are welcome. Following are those individuals already included:

Ralph G. Brockett Stephen Brookfield Rosemary Caffarella Beverly Cassara Phyllis Cunningham Frederick Douglass

W. E. B. Du Bois

Paul L. Essert Dorothy Canfield Fisher Paulo Freire Nancy F. Gadbow Robert J. Havighurst Andrew Hendrickson
Roger Hiemstra Cyril Houle Carol E. Kasworm Malcolm Knowles Eduard Lindeman Jack London
A. A. "Sandy" Liveright Alain Locke Howard McClusky Sharan B. Merriam John Ohliger

(John's eulogy)

Alice Elvira Freeman Palmer
John M. Peters Margaret Sanger Paul H. Sheats Elizabeth Cady Stanton Edward Thorndike Mary Alice Wolf
Frances "Fanny" Wright

In addition, here is an index to some Commission of Professors of Adult Education records in the archives at Syracuse University that have been scanned.

Be sure to look at Dr. James Atherton's great site on learning and teaching in college, adult and professional education

Home of The Basic Cozy Grammar Course: A comprehensive, easy-to-follow curriculum in basic English grammar. Comes complete with two videos and a workbook/study guide. A fun and whimsical approach to learning grammar. Appropriate for ages 9 to adult.

APA Primer (6th edition) -- hints on how to write with this American Psychological Association-sanctioned stylistic guideline (HTML version)  or a version in a PDF format. Also available is the APA Primer (5th edition), shown in HTML format or in a PDF format. Here, too, are some tips for success in writing journal articles.  

Some helpful writing hints on gender-neutral writing and on shortening a manuscript.

Some ideas on writing an executive summary.  Click here for more on writing objectives, criterion referenced testing, goals for a first team meeting, and stages of team growth.

This site improves your searching capabilities and efficiencies, suggestions for searching shortcuts, etc.

If you are interested in a group building technique, try the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon activity.

Click here for help in publishing your journal articles

Here are some interesting sites related to training.

Here is a quiz to test your knowledge about older adults and the aging process.

Here is a second quiz on your knowledge of older adults and the aging process.

Here is a quiz on basic trivia.

Here are some strategies for dealing with workplace transitions: An important role for continuing higher education.

How the Internet is Changing Self-Directed Learning. A paper presented by Roger Hiemstra at the Center for Distance Learning at Empire State College's Annual Regional Conference, Albany, NY, April 20-21, 2009.

Linking research to practice: Answering real questions from practitioners. A panel presentation at the 23rd Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning, August 2-4, 2006, Madison, WI. Moderator: Dr. Terry Gibson, Emeritus Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Panelists: Roger Hiemstra, Senior Research Associate with the American Distance Education Consortium; Dr. Traci Sitzmann, Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Laboratory; Robert Threlkeld, Senior Research Associate at Monterey Institute for Technology and Education. Some related resources and ideas for the distance educator are available here.

 Participating in the future: Shared leading, collaborative learning, creatively deciding. A presentation at the 23rd Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning, August 2-4, 2006, Madison, WI, by Roger Hiemstra, August 3. Janet Poley, President and CEO, American Distance Education Consortium provide writing assistance. Power Point slides related to this presentation also are available.

Advancing an inclusive future for distance learning. This was an alternative presentation for the 23rd Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning. Although it was not chosen, the paper, written by Roger Hiemstra and Janet Poley, can be read at this link.

Rural learners: Internet uses through broadband connections. A presentation at the 22nd Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning, August 3-5, 2005, Madison, WI, by Roger Hiemstra. Power Point slides related to this presentation also are available.

Self-advocacy and self-directed learning.

European views of self-directed learning a review of this book edited by Gerald Straka.

Founding of the AEA of the USA--1949-1955: Crucial roles played by Howard McClusky, Malcolm Knowles, and Cyril Houle. A paper presented by Roger Hiemstra at the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame meeting, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.

Recognition of Cyril Houle's and Thurman White's Work in Adult Education and the Armed Services. A paper presented by Clinton L. Anderson at the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame meeting, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.

Howard Yale McClusky: Adult Education Pioneer. A paper presented by Roger Hiemstra at a CNY-CACE meeting, Syracuse, NY.

Moderating Discussions in the Electronic Classroom by Rae Rohfeld and Roger Hiemstra in Zane L. Berge and Mauri P. Collins, Editors, Computer Mediated Communication and the Online Classroom (Vol. III, pp. 91-104), included by permission.

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