The Educative Community Table of Contents

The Educative Community: Linking the Community, Education, and Family

Roger Hiemstra

(Third Edition)

Baldwinsville, New York

HiTree Press

Copyright © 1982, 1997 by: Roger Hiemstra (Updated in 2000)

Copyright © 1972 by: Professional Educators Publications, Lincoln, Nebraska

All rights reserved. Please adhere to normal copyright rules. In addition, if printing off a hard copy of any portion of this book on a printer other than one you own, always seek permission to do so.

Library of Congress Catalog No.: 72-77986

ISBN 0-88224-006-4     All Rights Reserved

Printed in the United States

Preface (Introductory Comments)

The Author (Description of Author)

Chapter One: The Nature of the Community

Chapter Two: Activation of the Educative Community

Chapter Three: The Community School

Chapter Four: Educational Needs of the Modern Family

Chapter Five: Community Coordination and Cooperation

Chapter Six: Processes for Community Change

Chapter Seven: Community Investments in Education

Chapter Eight: Higher Education and the Community Role of Higher Education


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