Phyllis Cunningham Personal Vita

Phyllis Cunningham

Personal Vita

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Phyllis Cunningham


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Bio/historical Note


Currently, Phyllis Cunningham is Presidential Teaching Professor at Northern Illinois University. She is widely published, has been presented with numerous awards, and was inducted to the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame in 1996. Phyllis earned her Ph.D from the University of Chicago in 1973, and has been an active participant in the field of adult education. The main emphasis of much of Phyllis’s work involves focus on community development, participatory research, and critical pedagogy. Through her education, experience, active participation, research, and publications, Phyllis Cunningham has made great contributions to the field of Adult Education.


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Birth Date


November 10, 1927


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1947--Elmira College, earned B.A. in Biology-Chemistry


1950--Western Reserve University, earned M.N. Master of Nursing


1960--Western Reserve University, earned M.S. in Nursing Administration


1973--University of Chicago, earned Ph.D. in Department of Education





Work History


1950-1956--Nurse Administrator (University Hospitals of Cleveland)


1956-1958--Volunteer Staff Developer and Administrator, Pioneer Girls (Lake Erie Region)


1958-1961--Volunteer Staff Developer and Administrator, Pioneer Girls (Southwest)


1961-1965--Volunteer Staff Developer and Administrator, Pioneer Girls (West Coast)


1965-1968--Director, National Leadership Training Center, Pioneer Girls (Chicago)


1972-1974--Assistant Project Director, “National Study of Cost Benefit Relationships in Adult Education” (University of Chicago)


1974-1976--Director, Study Unlimited, and Dean, Center for Open Learning, City Colleges of Chicago


1976-1977--Graduate Studies in Adult Continuing Education, Assistant Professor Northern Illinois University)


1976-1980--Associate Project Director, Regional Adult Education Services Centers (Northern Illinois University)


1977-1982--Associate Professor (Northern Illinois University)


1982- Present--Professor, Graduate Studies in Adult Education (Northern IllinoisUniversity)


1986- Present--Assistant to the chair, Leadership and Educational Policy Studies Department (Northern Illinois University)


1980-1988--Project Director, Regional Adult Education Service Centers (Northern Illinois University)


1996-1997--Project Director, “Bottom up Leadership Development through Participatory Research and Study Circles”, Urban Community Service Program, Department of Education


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Associated Subjects


Community Development


Critical Pedagogy


Participatory Research





Associated People


Sharan Merriam


Robert M. Smith


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1982--Outstanding Adult Educators Award, American Association of Adult Continuing Education, Washington, DC


1988--Honorary Professor, Shanghai Second Institute of Education, Shanghai, PRC


1989--Outstanding Service Award, American Association of Adult Continuing Education, Atlantic City, N.J.


1990--John Ranton McIntosh Visiting Scholar Award, University of Saskatchewan


1993--Top ten Graduate Teaching Excellence Award, Leadership and Policy Studies Department, Northern Illinois University


1994-1998--Presidential Teaching Professor Award, Northern Illinois University


1995--Outstanding Service and Dedication to Latino(a) and African American Students in Adult Continuing Education, Northern Illinois University


1996--Phyllis M. Cunningham Annual Award for Research for Social Justice; Established in the Adult Education Research Conference


1999--Northern Illinois University Minority Faculty and Staff Award


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