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On-line versions of books authored, co-authored, or edited by Roger Hiemstra.

Creating Environments for Effective Adult Learning

The Educative Community

Individualizing Instruction: Making Learning Personal, Empowering, and Successful

Lifelong Learning: An Exploration of Adult and Continuing Education Within a Setting of Lifelong Learning Needs,

Overcoming Resistance to Self-Direction in Adult Learning

Self-Direction in Adult Learning: Perspectives on Theory, Research, and Practice

Changing Approaches to Studying Adult Education

This source is to help develop expertise in understanding adult and continuing education through self-study efforts. The Lifelong Learning Reader

Background information on Roger Hiemstra.

General information related to the field of adult education or an introduction to adult education .

Instruction and learning-related materials.

General information related to distance education and computer-mediated distance education.

Program planning, development, and management.

Here is information related to gerontology and working with older adults.

Research methods and materials, and material related to a capstone or advanced understanding of adult education.

Material related to Ethics and the Adult and Continuing Educator.

Self-Directed Learning Information, the annual Self-Directed Learning Symposium, and the International Journal of Self-Directed Learning.

Self-Directed Learning Tools, Techniques, and Resources.

Kellogg Project, Syracuse University, 1986-1993, Final Report .

Adult Education History Project.

Learn about Sam May, a well-known abolitionist, at this site.

If it is your birthday and you would like to have happy birthday sung to you, just click here and a fantastic group will sing it.

International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame members can be viewed via the personal vita project.

In addition, here is an index to some Commission of Professors of Adult Education records in the archives at Syracuse University that have been scanned.

APA Primer (6th edition) HTML version)  or a PDF format. The earlier APA Primer (5th edition) also is available, shown in HTML format or in a PDF format.

Some helpful writing hints on gender-neutral writing and on shortening a manuscript.

Some ideas on writing an executive summary.

Here is a quiz to test your knowledge about older adults and the aging process.

Here is a second quiz on your knowledge of older adults and the aging process.

Participating in the future. A presentation at the 23rd Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning. Related Power Point slides.

Advancing an inclusive future for distance learning. An alternative presentation for the 23rd Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning.

Rural learners: Internet uses. A presentation at the 22nd Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning. Related Power Point slides.

Self-advocacy and self-directed learning.

Founding of the AEA of the USA--1949-1955: Crucial roles played by Howard McClusky, Malcolm Knowles, and Cyril Houle.

Recognition of Cyril Houle's and Thurman White's Work in Adult Education and the Armed Services.

Moderating Discussions in the Electronic Classroom by Rae Rohfeld and Roger Hiemstra.

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