Adult Development

Welcome to the section related to adult development and the journey toward adulthood. Many resources are provided as supplements to a college course where Bjorklund 2010 book entitled The Journey of Adulthood is utilized. If you have ideas, suggestions, or resource tips related to this topic, or if you would just would like to converse with me, feel free to send an electronic message.

Information on normative age-graded influences, with associated research findings.

Information on cognitive changes associated with the aging process.

Pictorial information on physical changes associated with the aging process.

Information on lifespan development and lifelong learning.

When you are feeling up to it, here is a lengthy multiple choice quiz on life-span development issues.

Take the real age test to determine if you are biologically younger, older, or the same as your calendar age? I take the test every two years just to see how I am doing. Here is another one to determine your health age and expected life expectancy.

Here is a fun mental age test. How old are you mentally?.

Here are several suggested ways you can increase your life expectancy as you age.

Here is an article entitled Successful Aging: Finding the Fifth Level. Here is the larger research report from which this article was developed.

What is the best design for a learning setting when taking into account developmental differences among the learners? Here is an article related to designing the best physical environment. Finally, here is a related slide show.

A journal article containing some research using both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Here is the larger research report from which the article was developed. Here is a book I helped edit years ago on research methods.

 Online IQ tests have their limitations, but here is one if you are curious for an approximate score.    

 Calculate your body mass index (BMI).

Here is a piece on the stereotyping of the elderly in TV commercials. This article is several years old, so how different do you think the results would be today?

Here is a simple visual acuity test.

Humor and laughter may influence health.

This site provides a good description of Alzheimer’s disease. Be sure to take the brain tour!

A site devoted to information on assisted living Alzheimer's, and long term care.

A help ful site in finding information on nursing homes, senior housing, assisted living, memory care and retirement communities.  

Do you need external memory aids and strategies?

Grandparents raising grandchildren.

The joys and complexities of sibling relationships.

Dealing with workplace transitions.

Presentation on Adult Career Planning and related instruments.

John Holland’s career type test description.

BrainTrack’s Career Guide with such features as original career profiles and career statistics.

The jobs I have had.

The five major dimensions of personality.

An interesting research study on personality development in older adults.   

An interesting piece on Jane Loevinger.

A great write-up on Abraham Maslow.

Here is a great article by Ralph Brockett, Self-directed learning and the paradox of choice, beginning on page 27,where he talks about positive psychology.  

Here is a site where I include considerable research on older adults as learners and another one that is a self-study guide on educational gerontology.

Time Magazine devoted an issue to the God Gene. Here is a related article: Religion: Is God in our Genes?

Many Unitarian Universalist churches across the U.S. facilitate small study groups on various spiritual enrichment topics.

Professor Howard McClusky developed a Theory of Margin to help explain how people cope with the stresses of life.

Several interesting articles on spirituality and age from the interesting Helium site.

The Journal of Religion and Health contains many useful articles.

A book chapter on Kohlberg’s stages of moral development.

A good description of Jim Fowler’s stages of faith.

A text version of Mysticism: A Study in Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness by Evelyn Underhill.

Useful information on stress and adaptation.

The history of the Hospice movement in the United States.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ web site.

The life review process.


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