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The Lifelong Learning Reader

In this resource you will find links to a variety of resources designed to help you enhance your understanding of adult and continuing education through the concept of lifelong learning. It can also be used as a companion to Lifelong learning: An exploration of adult and continuing education within a setting of lifelong learning needs.

This material will evolve over time constantly evolves, so send an electronic message with your ideas and suggestions. ESPECIALLY, let me know if any page or link is not working so I can keep this resource up-to-date and effective as a learning tool. 


A Beginner's Introduction to Lifelong Learning

A self-directed study course on an introduction to adult education

A self-directed study course on an introduction the foundations of gerontology in education

Adult Education: An Overview

An Adult Education Thesaurus Framework

References, Bibliography, and Reading Suggestions

Adult Learning

Being an Effective Facilitator of Adult Learning

Helping Learners Take Responsibility for Self-Directed Activities

Introduction to Self-Directed Learning

Learning Style Differences

Non-Traditional Adult Learning

Older Women's Ways of Learning

Physical Learning Environment

Self-Advocacy and Self-Directed Learning

Self-Directed Adult Learning

Self-Directed Learning Information, the self-directed learning home page

Self-Directed Learning Tools, Techniques, and Resources

Three Underdeveloped Models for Adult Learning

Tips on Teaching Women

Women's Ways of Knowing: A Brief Annotated Bibliography

Distance Learning

Computerized Distance Education: A Future for Higher Education

Moderating Discussions in the Electronic Classroom


Adult Education History Project

An Annotated Chronology of Landmarks in the History and Development of Adult Education in the U.S.A.

Breaking New Ground

Eva vom Baur Hansl: Brain-Ideas vs. Life-Ideas

Founding of the AEA of the USA--1949-1955: Crucial Roles Played by Howard McClusky, Malcolm Knowles, and Cyril Houle

Howard Yale McClusky--Adult Education Pioneer

Recognition of Cyril Houle's and Thurman White's Work in Adult Education and the Armed Forces

Some Individuals Important in the History of Adult Education

The Satus and the Promise of Adult Education -- An April, 1951, Monograph

Older Adults/Gerontology

Guiding Older Adult Learners

Quiz on Older Adults No. 1

Quiz on Older Adults No. 2


English Language Adult Education Books: Their Value to Adult Educators

Strategies for Dealing with Workplace Transitions: An Important Role for Continuing Higher Education

This resource is provided by Roger Hiemstra, Professor and Program Coordinator Emeritus, Adult Education, Elmira College ( (last updated December 30, 2005).

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