Program Development, Planning, Management, and Operations

The material below should be of help to individuals interested in planning and managing a variety of programs, conferences, workshops, and other types of meetings. It contains material I have created plus information from a wide variety of sources. If you have additional items, references, and/or links to suggest I add, please send me an electronic message.

/redchoice.gifGlossary of terms for conference and meeting planners.

/redchoice.gifProgram planning facts, principles, and steps from the Iowa Cooperative Extension Service.

/redchoice.gifProgram development and evaluation – information from the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Service

/redchoice.gifProgram planning and development – a logic model from the University of Missouri Cooperative Extension Service

/redchoice.gifAn extensive look at planning from a systems approach. Intriguing but very complicated piece: A modeling approach to program evaluation.

/redchoice.gifA chapter I wrote several years ago on program planning and evaluation.

/redchoice.gifRoger’s short planning model. His long model. And more details on the long model.

/redchoice.gifRosemary Caffarella’s interactive planning model with items or actions to consider when development programs.

/redchoice.gifAnother planning model. Still another one. One called a front end analysis. And one more related to a front end analysis.

/redchoice.gifA variety of planning models. Another model completed as a class project. Additional model ideas. Planning elements from Cornell University. Conference planning ideas.

/redchoice.gifProgram planning and procedures from the National Adult Education Professional Development Consortium

/redchoice.gifProgram planning and management, by Carter McNamara.

/redchoice.gifA group of graduate students at Florida State University created a wonderful page on programming in adult education. 

/redchoice.gifConference planning ideas and more on event planning.

/redchoice.gifA webinar planning checklist. Another webinar checklist. Planning virtual/hybrid conferences.

/redchoice.gifHere is a summary of the appropriate steps, processes, and decisions in designing an instructional process.

/redchoice.gifMore information on instructional design.

/redchoice.gifInformation on various needs assessment techniques and an overview of some needs assessment research information.

/redchoice.gifAn interesting article describing what is continuing professional education.

/redchoice.gifIdeas as writing objectives from different philosophical viewpoints, executive summaries, criterion referenced testing, goals for a first team meeting, and stages of team growth.

/redchoice.gifHere is an interesting site on goals and objectives.

/redchoice.gifSeveral interesting ideas on prioritizing. Another one on prioritizing. And a third one on prioritizing.

/redchoice.gifHere is a piece on Critical Path Analysis, a time management tool.

/redchoice.gifInformation on budgeting and finance considerations.

/redchoice.gifConference expense categories.

/redchoice.gifFifteen ways to save money on your next meeting or conference.

/redchoice.gifConsiderations pertaining to advertizing and marketing your programs.

/redchoice.gifWhat you need to know about making conference brochures.

/redchoice.gifInformation on computer software related to conferences. Meeting and conference-related software by ACEware Systems, Inc.

/redchoice.gifThinking about catering?

/redchoice.gifIdeas for finding and working with presenters.

/redchoice.gifA worksheet for analyzing aspects of your target audience.

/redchoice.gifA conference planning schedule. 

/redchoice.gifA conference planning timeline. Another way of looking at a program timeline.

/redchoice.gifTypes of conference activities.

/redchoice.gifMeeting room styles.

/redchoice.gifA guide to program evaluation. Another excellent site on program evaluation. Finally, a basic guide to program evaluation.

/redchoice.gifIntegrating qualitative and quantitative approaches in program evaluation. 

/redchoice.gifFree resources for methods in program evaluation and social research.

/redchoice.gifTips and tools for evaluating learning.

/redchoice.gifA variety of evaluation forms and Stephen Brookfield’s Critical Incident Questionnaire for seeking evaluative information on a weekly class.

/redchoice.gifQuick tips for making your conference outstanding.

/redchoice.gifGiving program participants more than they expected.

/redchoice.gifWorking with convention and visitors bureaus, hotels, travel agencies, conference committees, etc. – tips from a professional meeting planner.

/redchoice.gifTechniques, tools, and resources for the self-directed learner.

/redchoice.gifFinally, here is a lengthy portrayal of the efforts going into a very successful conference.


Roger Hiemstra

Updated July 6, 2012

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