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Self-Directed Learning Information

Welcome to a variety of information related to Self-Directed Learning. Your perusal, contributions, dialogue, and suggestions are welcome.


The initial development of these pages has been aimed primarily at those interested in the advancement of the knowledge base associated with self-directed learning. Much of this knowledge base has stemmed from the International Self-Directed Learning Symposium. You also should find several resources or links to resources that will be valuable in various ways. This material will evolve over the next several months so its value will change. If you have some ideas, suggestions, or just would like to converse with someone try sending Roger Hiemstra an electronic message.

For information on the annual International Self-Directed Learning Symposium, visit the conference website. Each year at the conference since 2002, the annual Malcolm Knowles Memorial Self-Directed Learning Award has been presented. Future research suggestions in self-directed learning.

A portrayal of chapter titles and authors from the annual International Self-Directed Learning Symposia, including the information needed for creating citations according to APA (5th) requirements.

The International Journal of Self-Directed Learning APA references for each volume in a word format.

To see  Brockett, R.G., & Hiemstra, R. (1991). Self-direction in adult learning: Perspectives on theory, research, and practice click here.

For those who like advanced organizers, this resource has been developed initially with two primary sections beyond this first page: