Graduate Capstone Seminar

Welcome to this section related to a capstone or graduate seminar in adult education. If you have some ideas, suggestions, or resource tips related to this topic, or if you would just would like to converse with me, feel free to send me an electronic message.

For those taking a capstone type course, you may find value in examining related courses, especially Adult Education: Foundations of Practice an introductory course, a course related to contemporary issues in adult education, and a Research Methods and Materials course.

Now to think about the next step in your development process, finding a mentor to guide you along.

Following are a group of sites of potential interest to people taking the graduate seminar:

The National Adult Education Professional Development Consortium (NAEPDC)site. The NAEPDC was incorporated in 1990 to fulfill a desire of state adult education staff to enhance their professional development. Organized by state directors of adult education, NAEPDC has four main purposes:

1. To coordinate, develop, and conduct programs of professional development for state adult education staffs;

2. To serve as a catalyst for public policy review and development related to adult education;

3. To disseminate information on the field of adult education; and

4. To maintain a visible presence for the state adult education program in our nation's capitol.

Save Six Seconds for Emotional Intelligence.Emotional intelligence resources, research, information, training, and materials online. Six Seconds is a nonprofit organization that supports the development of EQ through training and materials for emotional intelligence, principled behavior, emotional literacy, social-emotional learning, and character education.

Ken Blanchard Companies. This site reflects the Ken Blanchard mission: To develop leadership at all levels; empower employees to set goals and solve problems; revitalize teams or get them off to the right start; provide exemplary customer service; incorporate translated and culturally specific training programs throughout the world; and implement learning through technology.

Professional Portfolio Development Guide. This proves a gude to the development of professional portfolios.

What might a college portfolio consist of? Here are suggestions for a college portfolio.

The uses and benefits of personal journals. How to use personal journals, logs, or diaries to develop ideas and materials.

What are other ways an electronic portfolio might look like? Here are my simulated ideas of an electronic portfolio.

Obtaining references for future job applications! Last but not least, here is some excellent advice on how to obtain those needed references to help you secure a position after your Masters degree.

September 20, 2006

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