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Self-Directed Learning Information, a link to the self-directed learning home page. The annual International Self-Directed Learning Symposium with links to available publications, the annual Malcolm Knowles Memorial Self-Directed Learning Award, and the on-line journal, International Journal of Self-Directed Learning. The International Journal of Self-Directed Learning Publication Requirements. A Wiki was developed for the 2011 symposium.

Self-Directed Learning Tools, Techniques, and Resources.

Kellogg Project, Syracuse University, 1986-1993, Final Report , a Kellogg Project Photo Gallary, and Kellogg Project Publications (Breaking New Ground and English Language Adult Education Books)  

Adult Education History Project, with links to corresponding Syracuse University archival material.

Learn about Sam May, a well-known abolitionist, reformer, Unitarian minister, and supporter of education, a description of various materials written about Rev. May ,and a brief tribute to him. A church in Syracuse was named for him, the May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society. A service celebrating the 50th anniversary of the current May Memorial Unitarian Universalist building on October 11, 2015, included a presentation by Roger Hiemstra entitled Rev. Sam May: Social Revolutionary in Syracuse. In addition, go here to learn more about the MMUUS history. There is much there for religious scholars. A history preservation workshop was held on October 27, 2007, in Syracuse. Here is a resource packet utilized during the workshop. There also is a description of the church materials stored at the Syracuse University Library's Arents Archives, past archive activities, and later archive activites. There is an historical sketch of the May Memorial Church from 1838-1938, entitled A Backward Glance O'er Traveled Roads, a booklet on the dedication, October 20, 1885, of the May Memorial Church on James Street, a brief tribute to the May Memorial church buildings, including the story of stained glass windows in the James Street church. The May Memorial's Historical Tree of Life a 2015 book by Roger Hiemstra describing the history of a church and its beloved minister. Here is an updated listing of the links noted in that book. Finally, there is a history of the church from its inception through 1988 entitled May No One Be A Stranger.  

If it is your birthday and you would like to have happy birthday sung to you, just click here and a fantastic group will sing it.

International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame members can be viewed via the personal vita project. Your contributions are welcome. Following are those individuals already included:

Ralph G. Brockett

Stephen Brookfield

Rosemary Caffarella

Beverly Cassara

Phyllis Cunningham

Frederick Douglass

W. E. B. Du Bois

Paul L. Essert

Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Paulo Freire

Nancy F. Gadbow

Robert J. Havighurst

Andrew Hendrickson

Roger Hiemstra

Cyril Houle

Carol E. Kasworm

Malcolm Knowles

Eduard Lindeman

Jack London

A. A. "Sandy" Liveright

Alain Locke

Howard McClusky

Sharan B. Merriam

John Ohliger

(John's eulogy)

Alice Elvira Freeman Palmer

John M. Peters

Margaret Sanger

Paul H. Sheats

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Edward Thorndike

Mary Alice Wolf

Frances "Fanny" Wright

In addition, here is an index to some Commission of Professors of Adult Education records in the archives at Syracuse University that have been scanned.

If you are interested in a group building technique, try the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon activity.

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