Advertizing and Marketing



        Success of a short-term meeting is more of a function of marketing than design


        1/2 to 2/3 of the total costs can be in advertizing/marketing


        Develop a marketing plan


o   Services/products to be provided

o   Primary audience

o   Secondary audience

o   Marketing techniques to be used

o   Necessary budget

o   Drop-dead scenario/back-up


        Various promotional options and media exist


o   Direct mail (most used)

o   Newspapers, journals, magazines

o   Electronic media/WWW

o   Telephone marketing

o   Using current meetings to advertise others

o   Using testimonials


        Design high quality promotional materials (brochures/catalogues/ads)


o   Size issues

o   Type issues

o   Artwork issues

o   Color issues

o   Cost issues

o   Timeliness issues

o   Reuse issues


Created January 1, 2009

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