Planning and Operating a Conference: A Case Study


In 1993-94 I was president of CACE, the Coalition for Adult and Continuing Education, in Central New York. One of my responsibilities was planning and operating our annual conference. The following material provides some insight into the efforts by many people that went into this very successful conference. The conference committee was formed in September, 1993, but information on the first committee meeting is not available.


Date: October 20, 1993

Fax:   Page One of Two

To:    CACE Conference Committee Members (Lois Applegate, Joan Goldberg,

          Carol Lavigne, Tom Phelan, Gayle Sandle, Jerry Wilson - ex officio,

          Margaret Hamstead, and Sharon Sweeney)

From:          Roger Hiemstra

Subj: Some Immediate Decisions


I feel it is imperative that we make a decision on several things prior to our next meeting so that relevant information can get in the newsletter coming out soon. Thus, I am using the mail or your fax number to get some quick feedback. Please either fax (443-9218) back your comments or ideas (the preferred way) or phone them (443-4005). I will have to have all final stuff to Sharon for the newsletter by Wednesday morning so would like to even hear from you by Monday (10/25) if at all possible.


Everything except the date and keynote speaker is tentative. By that I mean it comes primarily from my brain. Please give me your suggestions on anything that hits your fancy. My main goal, besides providing the date, time, and place in the newsletter, is to put in a call for presentation proposals from among CACE members. Therefore, several items will provide information for that announcement. We will use our next meeting (8:30, 11/3, RLS) to finalize several things and discuss subsequent procedures.






WHERE:    A. QUALITY INN, BUCKLEY ROAD, N. SYRACUSE (this is Sharon and my first choice - they look like they can accommodate all our needs, Sharon visited there and reports that the rooms, food, and parking are all very good - it also is very accessible from 81 or the thruway) - the price would be about $20.50 per person and they could handle up to 225 if necessary but we would need to have a minimum of 125 or the price would go up to about $25 per person.

                   B. SHERATON, UNIVERSITY (across from Huntington Hall) - they can meet our needs and can also handle up to 225 if needed - there is no minimum number of people - the price is $27 per person for the same amenities as noted above. I have not been able to talk again with Peggy Vanarnum to see if she would come down in price to somewhat match the Quality Inn, but am scheduled to talk with her on Monday.


Please vote for one. In your voting or feedback please let me know your opinion on the university site should they come down close to the other price.




Page Two of Two


SCHED:     8:30 - 9:00 REGISTRATION/REFRESHMENTS (could go with coffee/tea here and refreshments at the 10:30 break

                   - your opinion)

                   9:00 - 10:30 OPENING PLENARY SESSION (KEYNOTE)

                   10:30 - 10:50 BREAK (coffee/tea)

                   11:00 - 12:00 THREE CONCURRENT SESSIONS

                   12:30 - 2:00 LUNCHEON

                   2:15 - 3:15 THREE CONCURRENT SESSIONS

                   3:15 - 3:35 BREAK (coffee/tea/light refreshments)

                    3:45 - 4:50 THREE CONCURRENT SESSIONS (includes five minutes for completing evaluation forms)





                   $60 - AT THE DOOR REGISTRATION FOR NON-CACE MEMBERS (includes refreshments at all breaks, nice a la carte

                   lunch, and folder with some support materials



                   1. Send out with next newsletter call for proposals to make one of the concurrent session presentations - we may want to invite a few

                   good session presenters among known entities - all presentations would need to relate to the theme, such as sexual harassment, gender

                   issues, ethical leadership, ethical and moral dilemmas, understanding a personal philosophy, etc. - the conference committee would

                   judge the proposals - winning presenters would need to supply a one page abstract so it can be included in the conference folder by a

                   certain date

                   2. We would need to do the registration, both by mail (I propose that registrations come to 330 Huntington Hall) and at a table at

                   the conference site

                    3. Invite people to contribute and have available swap shop tables for sharing resources

                   4. Need evaluation sheets designed and included in the conference folder

                   5. I will bring a proposed budget to the next committee meeting but basically if we have 150 people (my "most likely" scenario)

                   I anticipate we can run the conference on $5-7 per person on top of the conference site costs. Thus, that means on the average about

                   a $20 per person profit if we go with the Quality Inn and about $13-14 per person profit with the Sheraton.

                   6. We should develop a handout that goes to chosen presenters so they have an idea about the theme, our expectations, ideas for a

                   good presentations, etc.

                   7. Some of our future committee tasks:      divide up duties, publicity planning (at least state-wide, perhaps even Pennsylvania and

                   other nearby states), people to moderate concurrent sessions, people to help with on-site registration, people to make session signs,

                   evaluation planning, people to worry about luncheon program, etc.

                   8. Use the luncheon to do the CACE annual honoring of adult students and an outstanding organization.


November 10, 1993


Dear Conference Planning Committee Colleague,


Thanks very much to those of you able to participate in the November 3 meeting. I believe we covered considerable ground. I have included an updated networking sheet that provides contact information on all current members of the committee. The next meeting is Monday, November 22, 8:00 a.m., at the RLS building.


The following summarizes some of our deliberations and my subsequent conversations with Peggy Vanarnam.


Our November 3 Meeting


1. We reached consensus on asking Ralph Brockett to be our opening keynote speaker. I did phone him and talked about the topics listed below and if he would feel comfortable building his ethics presentation around such themes and topics. He said he would be able to handle it.


2. We reached consensus on the date (April 11) and the place (University Sheraton).


3. We nearly reached consensus on calling the day a "workshop" rather than a conference or symposium, but will need to discuss this more at the next meeting.


4. We nearly reached consensus that "client centeredness" should somehow be a key concept or theme. We discussed some of the following as possible topics, themes, or areas around which we will seek out presenters (we nearly reached consensus that we would seek out presenters rather than have a call for proposals among our membership):

          Legal issues affecting educators of adults

          Liability issues

          Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

          Sexual harassment

          Issues related to inclusiveness

          Gender issues

          How to be client centered as an ethical issue

          Cooperation/coordination issues

          What are the ethics of cooperation

          Turf battles

          Down sizing issues


5. We also talked about finding sponsors to help underwrite some of our expenses.


6. We talked about our potential audiences for the workshop, such as volunteers, paraprofessionals, administrators, teachers, trainers, and counselors.


7. We agreed to ask CACE members for feedback during the next meeting relative to what topics they would like to see offered.


8. We all agreed to think about possible topics and speakers before the next meeting. The following committee members also have agreed to do some thinking before the meeting on the topics listed:

          Margaret Hamstead - a "vision" for our workshop

          Lois Applegate - a timeline

          Joan Goldberg - the mechanism for soliciting feedback from CACE members on the workshop

          Tom Phelan - some budget ideas


My Conversation with Peggy Vanarnam


1. The University Sheraton price we have settled on for now is $20.50 per person with no minimum required. This includes a luncheon valued at $10.50, coffee/tea at the registration time and for two breaks, the rooms as detailed below, sound amplification for the opening session and the luncheon, an area for our registration and swap shop tables, and free parking.


2. The opening session would use two sections of the Regency. This can hold 130 classroom style, but considerably more if we went to the theater style. The three break out rooms would be the Comstock A, Comstock B, and one section of the Regency. The luncheon would be back in two sections of the Regency. If we had a head table area for 8-10 people, they can seat approximately 170 total for the luncheon. We could go back into a general session late in the afternoon if we desire, but it probably would require a set up fee of about $25 because the luncheon area would need to be torn down and the large group setting reestablished.


3. For meals they can work with people with special dieting needs, but we would have to put this on our brochure with the notice that people with special needs would need to identify themselves ahead of time. The meal cost for non-registered people (honorees, etc.) is $15. A little steep but I could not get them to budge on that). One of us can do the meal planning with a woman by the name of Pat Corso.


4. Their full break (fruit, cookies, muffins, etc.) is $4.64 each time, or $9.25 for the full day (continuous throughout the day); however, they would be willing to negotiate on a less expensive break.


I will bring an agenda to the meeting. If you have some specific topics for it please give me a buzz.


Cordially yours,



Roger Hiemstra


Date: December 20, 1993

To:    CACE Conference Planning Committee (or should we now call ourselves the workshop committee)

From:          Roger Hiemstra

Subj: The Saga Continues

Encl:  Revised Budget from Tom


Thanks to all who made it to today's early morning meeting. Jerri's "earlier than all of us arrival" and the making of tea and coffee certainly adds to the graciousness of RLS as our meeting site. So a special thanks to Jerri.


A big word of welcome to Mark Cass of LVA of Greater Syracuse who has joined our efforts. He has already jumped in with great suggestions and will be a big asset to the committee (he also has the CACE membership brochure and is thinking about joining - hope you do, Mark).


We accomplished much today. Here is a summary with some discussion points, future tasks, and commitments:


1. I received the contract from the Sheraton. Lois Applegate provided some excellent feedback upon examining it. I will talk again with them regarding her suggestions and also ask them if insurance is provided as part of the contract - Roger is responsible.


2. Olga Kaish has not yet been asked to assist us with conceptualizing our public relations efforts - Joan has agreed to be responsible for contacting her.


3. Donald Begrande of SHERM needs to be contacted to see if we can obtain their mailing list - Tom agreed to contact him at a later date approximately one month before our February mailing.


4. ASTD needs to be contacted for their mailing list - Roger is responsible and has made initial contact. He also will ask Gail Sandle to see if she can obtain the Gateway and Headstart mailing lists.


5. The mailing labels need to be prepared prior to the middle of January for our first mailing - Roger is responsible and will work with Sharon and Roula on this task. He also will think about additional organizations that should receive several flyers for distribution. Joan accepted responsibility for contacting Frank Herron at the Syracuse Herald-Journal regarding a future story on our workshop that could appear in the paper.


6. Lois Applegate developed an initial draft of the first mailing flyer - Lois and Roger are responsible for developing a second draft prior to our next meeting.


7. We spent considerable time on the specific topics. Several good possibilities surfaced.


          a. Corporations and ethics or perhaps to be titled something like "Corporate Perspectives of Ethics Training" - NIMO is studying this topic

          as a future within company training session - Tom is responsible for looking into this before our next meeting.


          b. Ginny Felleman makes a presentation related to some of the issues facing females in educational settings - Joan is responsible for contacting her as a potential presenter.


          c. We would like something on the American Disabilities Act and the potential for teachers or trainers of adults. John Bateman Ferry or someone at ENABLE is to be contacted - Jerri accepted responsibility for this.


          d. We discussed at length the notion of using a panel of students for one of the concurrent sessions. These would need to involve various kinds of students ranging from new readers to disabled, etc. The idea is to obtain their voice in helping educators of adults understand backgrounds, how students' situations need to affect policy, inclusiveness issues, diversity issues, etc. Mark and Phyllis accepted responsibility for talking at least with Kathy Hinchman from the Literacy Coalition and perhaps others and come to the next meeting prepared to facilitate more discussion on this topic.


          e. The ethics of cooperation and coordination, including such sub-points as funding issues, how to cooperate without compromising on institutional goals, and how to avoid customer confusion, was discussed. Gail Sandle was named as a person who might be willing to take some leadership here. Roger accepted responsibility for talking to Gail about this before the next meeting.


          f. We talked about something related to volunteers, such as how best to use volunteers and other issues that may present ethical dilemmas. Tom accepted responsibility for thinking about this and he will contact such people as Nancy Galves with RSVP and Lynn Hughes at United Way (who also might be able to speak for the Administrators of Volunteer Services).


We talked about two other possibilities. One has to do with the changes or reform taking place in the use of welfare and/or job training/placement monies. Pat accepted responsibility to think more about this topic prior to our next meeting. We also talked a little about the impact of media on thinking, public impressions, etc. as a potential topic.


At our next meeting we also need to talk seriously about corporate or individual sponsorship. I did talk to Elma Boyko this afternoon and asked her to contact Alex and Margaret Charters for possible support. I will also talk to the CACE Board Members about their support and to Margaret Hamstead (who could not be here today) about possible Consortium support and involvement. Before the next meeting I challenge each of you to contact at least one organization and ask for their support in some way. I already have a definite $45 yes from Empire State College for a display table and have potential commitments from the IDDE Department at SU and from Le Moyne College. I also have the question posed to two others.


Thus, see you at our next meeting on Wednesday, January 5, 1994, 7:45 am, at the RLS building. Have a joyous holiday season!


Date: January 12, 1994

To:    CACE Conference Planning Committee

From:          Roger Hiemstra

Subj: Today's Meeting


We had another successful meeting. I will summarize what happened today following this paragraph. Our next meeting is Wednesday, January 26, 7:45 am (groan!!), in the upstairs RLS conference room (thanks again Jerri; your hospitality is very much appreciated, especially on these cold mornings).


We basically used that December 20 letter I sent as our agenda for the morning. Most people had either already carried out their responsibility or were working on it in some way. In summary, we have most of the mailing list information either assembled or in process; a mailing before the end of the month seems very feasible and I believe I can do it bulk mail through the IDDE department (they will, of course, eventually need to be reimbursed); the hotel contract now seems appropriate (I will sign and send back the latest version soon after it arrives if it covers all the points I had talked about over the phone with the hotel people).


Here are the likely concurrent sessions and presenters (if they are underlined they have already agreed):


1. Corporate perspectives on ethics training - Tim Meehan, Nimo (Tom Phelan coordinating)


2. Gender harassment - Ginny Felleman, Cazenovia College (Joan Goldberg coordinating)


3. American Disabilities Act - Andrea Haenlin, Enable and Mike Irwin, BOCES (Jerri Wilson coordinating)


4. A round table or panel of new readers and perhaps other students - literacy-related session with Kathy Hinchman, Syracuse University agreeing to facilitate in some way (Phyllis Newland and Mark Cass coordinating)


5. Ethics of cooperation and coordination - Gail Sandle has agreed to accept responsibility for this session and will probably utilize a panel in some way


6. Volunteers and adult learning - Nancy Galves, Retired Seniors Volunteer Program (Tom Phalen coordinating)


Tom also has agreed to work in some capacity with the final panel presentation at the conclusion of the workshop. Marilyn Higgins Rhode is a strong possibility for one of the panel members or as the facilitator.


Here are some of the other topics we talked about:


1. We should identify distribution points for some of the flyers, such as libraries, BOCES, etc. Helen Zych knows this system well. Joan Goldberg, Tom Phelan, and Jerry Wilson will all think of contacts for various distribution possibilities.


2. We settled on "Customers, Clients, and Learners:     The Challenge of Meeting Adult Needs" as our workshop title.


3. We spent a little bit of time on the second version of the first flyer that Lois had developed. Those present agreed to fax her any comments, corrections, etc. She will prepare another draft and she, Roger, and Sharon will agree on the final version.


4. Jerri suggested that we consider inviting all concurrent session presenters to some sandwich lunch with us before the workshop so that some mutual discussion of presentations will be beneficial to each other.


5. Margaret Hamstead may be able to provide some consortium scholarships to help our attendance.


Here are some of the topics we should discuss next time:


1. Developing titles for the concurrent sessions.


2. Beginning work on the second brochure (Lois already has an initial draft).


3. Finalizing the schedule, session formats, etc.


4. Nailing down future responsibilities, such as who will make signs, who will handle registration, who will make name tags, who will introduce speakers, who will coordinate the luncheon, who will select the luncheon menu, etc.


5. Should we evaluate the workshop?


6. What should be the nature of the letter that goes to session presenters?


7. Should session presenters (if not already planning to attend the workshop) get in free and what about a lunch for them?


See you in two weeks. Keep the snowfall low.


335 Huntington Hall

Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY  13244


Date: February 2, 1994

To:    CACE Conference Planning Committee

From:          Roger Hiemstra

Subj: The Last Meeting


Thanks for another successful meeting. Following is a summary of what happened during the meeting or after based on a couple of phone calls I have received. Our next meeting is Tuesday, February 8, 7:45 am, in the upstairs RLS conference room (thanks again Jerri).


We talked more about the various places to distribute additional flyers, including some organizations. Joan and others have developed a master list that they will bring to the February 9 luncheon. She will ask people in or with a connection to the various organizations to distribute some flyers. Hopefully, each of you received a copy of the flyer in the mail (thanks much to Sharon and Roula). There were slightly more than 1000 names on the list and this did not include the SHRM list which will be included for the second mailing. Margaret and others also will work on distributing flyers to some NYACCE people, libraries, etc. Olga Kaish will assist in developing a news release. Pat Deacon will help with publicity, too, and RLS will do the associated typing and copying.


Margaret will coordinate the evaluation efforts and will find some help from among Consortium members to assist in various ways during the April 11 workshop.


After discussion and later concurrence by the CACE Board, a "Practitioner of the Year" award was added for this year. We believe this will help with publicity, too.


We decided that the session presenters will get in free, including the luncheon. CACE board members just today decided that we would allow one guest free for the luncheon for each student award winner and then ask if their supporting organization could support other guests (but not at the head table) if the winner desires to have additional guests present (CACE would try to help if it is clear the winner and the sponsoring organization could not pay).


Here are the known titles of the sessions to date (I have a couple of session write-ups I will bring to the meeting):


1. Corporate Ethics:      Oxymoron or Reality?"

          Presenter:    Tim Meehan, NIMO

Coordinator:        Tom Phalen


2. The High Price of Sexual Harassment

          Presenter:    Ginny Felleman, Cazenovia College

          Coordinator:        Joan Goldberg


3. Americans with Disabilities Act:   What is Required?  What is Reasonable?

          Presenters:  Mike Irwin, BOCES and Andrea Haenlin, Enable

          Coordinator:        Jerri Wilson


4. Round table discussion with teachers and students leading discussion on literacy-related issues

          Coordinators:       Mark Cass, Phyllis Newland, and Kathy Hinchman (S.U.)


5. Collaboration and Cooperation:   The Right Idea, A Rough Road - this will be a panel presentation of some sort

          Coordinator:        Gail Sandle


6. Something on volunteerism

          Probable Presenter:        Nancy Galves, RSVP

          Coordinator:        Tom Phalen


Tom Phalen also will coordinate the final Donahue-type wrap-up session.


Items to discuss the next meeting:


1. The sandwich lunch for presenters.


2. The thank you letter to presenters and invitation to the luncheon (draft to be presented at the meeting).


3. How do we follow-up on possible radio and tv coverage?


4. How do we get some corporate sponsorship.


5. The letter to go out to organizations asking them to purchase a table (draft to be presented at the meeting and we will need to decide where all it should be sent).


6. We need to obtain all session write-ups soon, including information on the presenters so this can become a part of either the brochure and/or our publicity. Bring this information to the next session if at all possible. We also need to determine the best schedule for the concurrent sessions (I will bring a proposed schedule to the next meeting).


7. Finalizing the next brochure.


8. Who will do the introductions at the various sessions (I will bring a proposed plan for this to the next meeting)


9. The registration form (and process). Lois will bring a draft to the next meeting and we will need to discuss how the process will work in terms of mailings, money, name tags, etc.


10. We need to finalize the various committees needed yet, who will chair them, and how to recruit members. We should be able to use the February 9 luncheon for much of this.


11. We need to finalize much of what the final wrap-up session will look like, in terms of people on the panel, how to do it, etc.


12. We need to define the student category for the reduced $35 fee as I already had a phone call with that question.


As you can see we have a very full schedule. Please note any actions you need to do prior to the meeting.


See you on the 8th.


335 Huntington Hall

  Syracuse University

  Syracuse, NY  13244


February 16, 1994 (sent to various people)

Dr. Phil Doughty 

Chair, IDDE

330 Huntington Hall

Syracuse, NY  13244


Dear Phil,


The Central New York Coalition for Adult and Continuing Education (CNY/CACE) is conducting its first annual workshop on April 11 for educators and trainers of adults in the Central New York area. This new initiative by CACE provides you with an excellent opportunity to highlight the IDDE Department to many participants who could be potential IDDE students. We believe that CACE's goals as outlined on the enclosed flyer and many IDDE goals are very compatible. We hope that you will consider joining with us in this new venture. Your participation will enhance the workshop and certainly the image of IDDE with participants.


The purpose of this letter is to offer you an opportunity to rent a 6' x 3' table for display purposes in the lobby and conference area on Sheraton's second floor during the workshop. Registrants will be able to speak to you during registration, breaks, and at the workshop's conclusion. However, unstaffed displays also are welcome.


We are pleased to offer this opportunity for a minimum of $95.00. This amount includes the display table rental, full participation in the workshop for one organizational representative, and participation for one at our award luncheon.


If you are able to participate on April 11, please use the enclosed reservation form. If you have any questions, please call me at 443-4005. We hope you will join us.


Cordially yours,



Roger Hiemstra




Date of Workshop:        Monday, April 11, 1994


Time:     Set-up 7:30 a.m.

Tear-down: 5:00 p.m.


Location:    Sheraton University

   801 University Avenue

   Syracuse, NY  13210


Participants:             We are anticipating between 150-175

   attendees who are engaged in the

   education or training of adults.


Date: February 28, 1994

To:    CACE Workshop Planning Committee

From:          Roger Hiemstra

Subj: Future Activities


Here is a recap of today's meeting:


1. We discussed some of the items that need to be placed in registration packets, such as information from/about speakers, CACE brochure, welcome letter, schedule, evaluation form, and name tag. Bring other ideas to the next meeting.


2. Tom will do name tags ahead of time on his software for all who pre-register and then we will do them by hand at the door.


3. If the pre-registrations are unexpectedly low by the cut-off date, we may need to do some phoning to get people involved, although we can do some more recruiting at the next CACE meeting. The second brochure should come out late this week and the cut-off date is March 31. Sharon announced that almost 1200 will be sent out and we are running an additional 800 for other distribution needs.


4. The following committees are needed and we will recruit committee members at the March 8 CACE meeting (current members or people already responsible are in parentheses):

a. Registration (Jerry Lord, Sharon Sweeney, Roula Anninos, and Collean Keane)

b. Sandwich luncheon with presenters (Jerri Wilson)

c. Awards/luncheon (Gail Sandle)

d. Registration packets

e. Telephoning if few pre-registrations

f. Signage/making signs

g. Finding people to rent tables if needed

h. Publicity (Joan Goldberg, Olga Kaish)


5. I have sent out 11 letters thus far to perspective renters of tables and will send out another 7 or 8 today. Thus far we have received $200 in Corporate Sponsorship from NIMO and one $95 table agreement (Empire State College).


6. My barbershop quartet will be the entertainment during the luncheon.


7. We followed the breakfast meeting with a tour of the workshop facilities.


8. The next meeting will be 8:00 a.m., Monday, March 21, BOCES, 7150 Morgan Road. Come in the main entrance and it is in Room C-210. She promised muffins. See you then.


Date: March 21, 1994

To:    CACE Planning Committee Members

From:          Roger Hiemstra

Subj: Next Meeting


For those not in attendance at today's meeting, here is a brief summary:


1. We discussed what to do on requested refunds for registered people who could not attend and decided to follow what is stated in the brochure about our cancellation policy.


2. Janice Hammerly will replace Andrea Haenlin for the ADA session.


3. There now are seven exhibit tables confirmed: IDDE, RLS, Empire State, Office of Professional Development (SU), Continuous Learning (LeMoyne College), SUNY-Oswego, and Syracuse City Schools (with 2-3 others still likely).


4. As of today's date no presenters have said they will attend the sandwich luncheon (however, I also have only received back one of the information request forms from presenters). Early next week I will start a phone tree to contact us all on whether or not there will be a luncheon and if there is to be one to find out who all will attend.


5. We talked about how to fund at least the meals of the 12 teachers and students participating in the "involving adult students in their own learning" session. Phyllis and Gail will work some on this issue.


6. As of Saturday there are only 14 registrations but because the second brochure got out one week late, we are not yet at a high panic state.


7. We have established our next meeting for Tuesday, April 5, beginning at 9 a.m. in Room C-216 of the BOCES Building. This will be in the Job Search Training Center where there is a bank of phones. We will begin by dividing up our membership list and calling those who have not yet registered. NOTE: LOIS, MARK, MARGARET, JERRY, AND JERRI, please let me know soon if you cannot be there so I will know if I need to recruit anyone else to help with the phoning. We will follow this (it should take no more than 30 minutes if most of us are there) with a meeting to tie up loose ends.


Please note the enclosed sheet that lays out all the conference responsibilities for April 11 to see where you are named.


By the way, Joan Goldberg has mailed out several PR news releases. If you hear, see, or read anything please annotate it or clip it out and pass the information on to Joan so she can critique her efforts for another year.


GENERAL INFORMATION FORM (sent to all presenters)


Date of Workshop:        Monday, April 11, 1994


Time: 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.


Location: Sheraton University

801 University Ave.

Syracuse, NY  13210



Directions:  From I-81 Southbound, take Exit 18, Harrison Street. Northbound, take exit 18, Adams Street. Proceed east up Adams Street hill to University Avenue (3rd light). Turn right onto University Avenue and go a block and a half. The entrance to the Sheraton parking garage is on the left off University Avenue. There also is an entrance off of Waverly Avenue.


Parking: Parking is available in the attached garage. Please bring your parking ticket inside to the registration table to be validated.


Participants:         We are anticipating 125-150 attendees at this first workshop. Participants will be educators and trainers of adults primarily from the Central New York area.


Biographies:         Please submit a resume or complete the biographical sketch by April 1. This information will be used in your introduction.


Outlines: We would appreciate it if you could submit an outline of the material to be presented or the content of your presentation. Please submit your outline by March 25, 1994.


Audio Visual Needs: Please use the enclosed form to specify your needs.


Return Information To:

Roger Hiemstra

335 Huntington Hall

Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY  13244




General Activities




Evaluation - MARGARET HAMSTEAD (Margaret, please get me the evaluation form to be used by April 5 so it can be copied and stuffed in the folder)


Registration/Registration Table - ROULA ANNINOS, JERRY LORD, AND SHARON SWEENEY (Lee Hidy and Luke Straub volunteered to help - Jerry, please coordinate contacting them)


Registration Packets - ROULA ANNINOS, ROGER HIEMSTRA, AND SHARON SWEENEY (Margaret Hamstead, Helen Zych, and Janet Hiemstra volunteered to help - I will contact them)


Nametags - TOM PHELAN (Tom, please work out with Sharon or Jerry on getting the name tags and name tag materials to the on-site registration table; Sharon, please coordinate on-site making of name tags)


Signs - ROGER HIEMSTRA AND SHARON SWEENEY (Sharon Topp Slater volunteered to help and I will contact her)


Publicity - JOAN GOLDBERG (Norb Henry volunteered to help - Joan, please contact him)




Workshop Sessions


Opening Session - ROGER HIEMSTRA (moderate and coordinate)


Corporate Ethics  TOM PHELAN (moderate and coordinate)


Sexual Harassment - JOAN GOLDBERG (moderate and coordinate)


Involving Students - MARK CASS AND PHYLLIS NEWLAND (coordinate and determine how any needed moderation will take place)


Awards Luncheon - GAIL SANDLE (moderate and coordinate - Rae Rohfeld volunteered to help - Gail, please contact her)


ADA Act - JERRI WILSON (moderate and coordinate)


Volunteers - LOIS APPLEGATE AND TOM PHELAN (Tom, as you are doing several other things that day you may want to turn over all the coordination and moderation to Lois.)


Collaboration - GAIL SANDLE (Gail, you are scheduled to coordinate and moderate but if your plate is too full with the presentation responsibilities for that session, please contact on of the other committee members.)


Wrap-up Session - JERRI (Jerri, note that this is a new responsibility for you but I thought Tom had plenty else to do during the day so would like you to do any necessary coordination and moderation; please check with Tom on this.)


April 13, 1994 (sent to various people)


Laura Smith

SUNY Oswego

Division of Continuing Education

43 Swetman Hall

Oswego, NY  13216


Dear Laura,


On behalf of the CACE board and the workshop planning committee, I want to thank you for your involvement through the attractive display table. The tables added greatly to our successful workshop.


We plan to host another workshop next year, so any feedback you care to provide regarding this year's event and our arrangements for the display tables would be most welcome. If there are ways we can better serve educators of adults in Central New York please let us know.


Cordially yours,




Roger Hiemstra, Professor

  and CACE President


Date: April 20, 1994

To:    CACE Board and Workshop Planning Committee

From:          Roger Hiemstra

Subj: Estimated Income/Expenses from Workshop


For our critique of this year and planning for next year, this memo summarizes what I know at this point about income and expenses. I suspect I may not be aware of all expenses and I may be off a bit on the income but the figures should be close.




72 advance registrations @ $50  $3600.00

11 student registrations @ $35  385.00

1 at door registrations @ $65  65.00

12 display tables @ $95  1140.00

Nimo support  200.00

 8 lunch only @ $20  160.00

       Sub Total$5550.00

 9 outstanding bills, vouchers, etc. yet

   to be collected @ $50$ 450.00

     Grand Total  $6000.00


Estimated Expenses


Hotel bill  $3120.20

104 people @ $20.50  $2130.00

12 tables @ $10 120.00

17 guests for lunch  $320.36

104 lunch upgrades @ $3 $312.00*

45 sodas $67.50*

       100 assorted pastries $100.00*

   gratuity for snacks $78.34*

SU's IDDE Dept. (mailings, copying, etc.) $584.37

Roger Hiemstra (film, etc.) $45.00

BOCES/CACE (awards, brochures, etc.) $1123.14

   Taylor Printing $ 358.40

   Industrial Color Lab $60.19

   Plaques $88.50

   Scholarships $600.00

   Flowers $16.05

Miscellaneous   $  50.00

   Total          $4922.71


   Estimated Surplus  $1077.29**



*The total for these four items is $557.84. These are the extras and Sharon and I authorized with the hotel people. This money was a part of the profits from our display tables ($420) and the Nimo contributions ($200) that we agreed to put back into upgrading the workshop beyond the discount ($20.50) amenities we would have received.


**It should be noted, though, that there were about $300 in travel-related expenses for Ralph Brockett that I picked up out of a research account for which I am not seeking CACE reimbursement as Ralph did some other things while he was here. However, such expenses would need to be considered in another year if we brought in an outside keynoter.