Following are several life roles each of us plays and related competencies suggested as necessary for or appropriate in performing the roles. In the space provided in the third column, write a statement that summarizes how you perceive yourself in terms of the competencies. In the space provided in the fourth column, write some self-directed learning goals, plans, and/or strategies for increasing your competencies.

(Adapted from Knowles, M. S. (1975). Self-directed learning. Chicago: Follett.)




Learning Activities

Learner Reading, writing, computing, perceiving, conceptualizing, imagining, inquiring, aspiring, diagnosing, planning, finding help, evaluating .                                                                                                                         .                                                                                                                                                  
Being a Self (with a unique self-identity) Self-analyzing, sensing, goal-building, objectivizing, value-clarifying, expressing, accepting, being authentic . .
Friend Loving, empathizing, listening, collaborating, sharing, helping, giving of constructive feedback, supporting . .
Citizen Caring, participating, leading, decision-making, acting, being sensitive to one's conscience, discussing, having perspective (historical and cultural), being a global citizen . .
Family Member Maintaining health, planning, managing, helping, sharing, efficient and effective buying, saving, loving, taking responsibility . .
Worker Career planning, using technical skills, accepting supervision, giving supervision, getting along with people, cooperating, planning, delegating, managing . .
Leisure User Knowing resources, appreciating the arts and humanities, performing, playing, relaxing, reflecting, planning, risking . .

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