AED 5220 Distance Education   John Doe

First Draft of Learning Contract/I am contracting for the grade of A.

L.A. #1 - Self-diagnosis and Learning Contract - I will complete the self-assessment form provided in the workbook and draft a learning contract that describes my proposed learning activities. I will have several discussions with classmates during this process. I plan to have this draft of my contract submitted (electronically) by no later than June 12. I am asking Roger to provide me feedback.

L.A. #2 - Workshop Participation - I will participate in the various in-class and electronic discussions taking place throughout the course. This includes my discussion when we are face-to-face, interchanges with my learning partner several times and interchanges with the total group in response to topics being covered several times when we are using CMC, and examining Roger's Web Page three or more times. I also will read the two texts and other materials that seem appropriate.

L.A. #3 - Accessing Electronic Data Bases - I plan to become proficient in using Netscape, will join the AEDNET and DEOS listservs, will become proficient at using some data base, and search at least 10 other data bases that I discover in my surfing on the Internet. I will keep a log of my various activities and plan to download material from at least three of the data bases that I discover. I will electronically submit to Roger by the end of the course a writeup describing my various activities and will also transmit electronically a few pages from several of the information pieces I download.

L.A. #4 & #5 - I plan to combine these two activities. I want to plan for the introduction of tele-conferencing at Onondaga Community College - I will use my new abilities to search for materials on the internet along with the readings that I undertake for this course, including the first text book, to design a program for implementing tele-conferencing as a delivery option for two courses in the fall of 1996. This will be an experimental program that I hope to convince our President to support. For my presentation I will direct some related conversations on this topic and my activities during the time that we are using CMC. I will mail to Roger by the end of the course a 10 page paper that describes and summarizes what I found in my literature searching, an outline of the program plan, and my implementation ideas. I will ask my college president and Roger to provide me feedback on my plans.

Term Project - I would like to participate in a study group on tele-conferencing to further my understanding of it and its potential. During the first several days of class I will attempt to put together such a group. Further information on this pertaining to my contract will be emailed after June 12.

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