Learning Contract Form (Simulation One - A Distance Education Course)

Learner: _Jane Smith____________   Course:  _AED 5220_Instructor: _Hiemstra____ Contract Grade: _A___

What are you going to learn (objectives)

How are you going to learn it (resources/strategies)

Target date for completion

How are you going to know that you learned it (evidence)

How are you going to prove you learned (verification)

Improve my general understanding of distance educ.   1. Actively participate in the course (LA#2)

 2. Complete a Learning Contract  (LA #1)

1. End of the course

2. By June 12 

Self perceptions about my contributions and during our CMC time make appropriate contracts with class mates  1. Ask Roger and learning partner for feedback

2. All contract tasks completed 

 Acquire more info. about dist. ed and its uses 1. Read the texts, at least 1 more book, and several related journal articles   End of course Read log (see my term project description)   Ask Roger for feedback 
Improve my ability to acquire knowledge about accessing info. electonically (LA3)  1. Participate in any related class discussions

2. Practice searching and downloading information that I find

By end of the term  A brief report that describes the listserves I join and my part in them plus some sample copies of downloaded materials  Ask both Roger and several work colleagues for feedback on my involvement and its potential for my work 
 Enhance my understanding  of CMC and its potential for training employees at work (LA4a) 1. Read at least 4 books listed in the bibliography

2. Annotate ideas, reflections, and learnings in a reading log 

By end of the term  1. Written report of my findings including implementation implications

2. Make 1-hr. presentation in-class on it

Ask both Roger and my supervisor for some feedback
Improve my ability to create and employ CMC in my workplace (LA5)  1. Use the info I obtain for LA4a and design a several week training at work w/CMC

2. Carry out and evaluate the CMC activities 

End of course  A written report of my entire effort, including the design, implementation, evaluation, and future implications  Ask Roger and all work participants for feedback on the experience and its long term implementation possibilities 
Enhance my overall understanding of the potential of distance education in the workplace (term project)  1. Read at least 3 books listed in the bibliography beyond what I have already described

2. Annotate all my ideas, reflections, and new learnings in a reading log 

End of course  Extensive interactive reading log where I will both summarize and interact with my readings  Ask Roger and as appropriate my supervisor for feedback 

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