Instructional Process Checklist 

Here is a checklist of activities with related questions a trainer or instructor can use that follows the six-step model developed in Hiemstra, R., & Sisco, B. (1990). Individualizing instruction. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Step 1: Preplanning Activities Step 4: Learning Activity Identification
___ Learning rationale described? ___ Self-directed learning concepts emphasized?
___ Potential learners understood? ___ Learning contract process understood?
___ Instructional options considered? ___ Learning objectives identified?
___ Learning competencies determined? ___ Necessary timelines established?
___ Necessary support materials and resources considered? ___ Needed learning resources and strategies discussed and located?
___ Workbook or study guide materials collected and learning objectives prepared? ___ Needed evidence to show achievement discussed?
___ Organizational constraints discussed and approvals negotiated? ___ Necessary validation and evaluation strategies identified?
Step 2: Creating a Positive Learning Environment Step 5: Putting Learning in Action and Monitoring Progress
___ Physical environment examined? ___ Optimal instructional techniques decided?
___ Ice breaker activities considered? ___ Variety of instructional techniques used?
___ Opening activities decided? ___ Conducting formative evaluations understood?
___ How to make learners feel at ease decided? ___ Frequent feedback to the learners provided?
___ Personal comforts of learners considered? ___ Feedback from learners encouraged and received?
___ How will learning materials, contracting examples, examples, learning resources etc. be introduced? ___ Feedback from learners used to make ongoing adjustments in the instructional process?
Step 3: Developing the Instructional Plan Step 6: Evaluating Individual Learner Outcomes
___ Suggested learning activities determined? ___ Appropriate summative techniques selected?
___ Appropriate needs assessment tools created and used? ___ Competency and the transfer of learning to skills emphasized?
___ Responded to related questions and concerns about the learning experience? ___ Various linkages from the learning activities and materials made to practice?
___ The role of experience emphasized? ___ Ensured that mastery of learning took place?
___ How learners will be helped to feel comfortable with the process determined? ___ Assessed that quality learning and critical thinking took place?
___ Learning plan laid out and matched with resources? ___ Prepared for the next instructional situation?

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