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 Teaching Material  

The Lifelong Learning Reader - Various resources for enchancing an understanding of adult and continuing education through the concept of lifelong learning.

General information related to the field of adult education or an introduction to adult education , including a reference piece related to developing a personal philosophy statement, Howard McClusky's "Theory of Margin", creating portfolios (including e-portfolios), and material on andragogy and Malcolm Knowles.

Instruction and learning-related materials.

Information related to gerontology, educational gerontology, and working with older adults.

General information related to distance education and online learning.

Program planning, development, and management-related materials.

Adult development-related materials.

Higher education materials.

Professional writing and publishing-related materials.

Research methods and materials.

Capstone or advanced understanding of adult education or training adults.

Material related to Ethics and the Adult and Continuing Educator.

APA Primer (6th ed.) -- hints on writing with the American Psychological Association stylistic guideline (HTML version).


Adult, Self-Directed Learning - An Introduction.

An Annotated Chronology Of Landmarks In The History And Development Of Adult Education.

Creating Effective Adult Learning and Teaching Environments.

Ethics and You.

Evaluating Learning in Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs, Conferences, and Short-Term Meetings.

Foundations of Adult Education.

Information Age Technology and Adult Education: Implications for the Future.

What You Know About Adult Learning Can Help You.

Why Study Gerontological/Aging Issues, Trends, and Policies?

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