Some Distance Education Networks and Electronic Journals

Following are several groups you could consider joining. These were obtained from those listservs (a listserv stands for a computerized list server that provides an electronic grouping around a common interest) that seemed to me to be of potential value to anyone interested in distance education. I am involved with AEDNET and DEOS and find them both very useful.

Address and Title

aednet@pulsar.acast. -- Adult Education Network

cchd-l@uncvm1 -- Carolina Consortium for Human Development

deos-l@psuvm -- The Distance Education Online Symposium

hrd-l@mizzou1 -- Human Resource Development Group List

idet92wd@icnucevm -- INET Workshop for Developing Countries

intercom@rpitsum -- Communication Institute/Communication List

teslit-l@cunyvm -- Adult Education and Literacy

trdev-l@psuvm -- Training and Development List

To join a list: Send an email to listserv at the address shown (for example, listserv@uncvm1). The usual one liner to join is:

sub cchd-l Your Name -or- join cchd-l Your Name

To signoff: Send an email to listserv at the address shown, but the usual one liner is:

signoff cchd-1 -or- send an email to the listserv and ask them to remove you from the list

Many listservs will have an index of past conversations. If interested, try an email to (for example) listserv@uncvm1 with this one liner:

index cchd-l

DEOS - The Distance Education Online Symposium, published by the American Center for the Study of Distance Education, and the American Journal of Distance Education (AJDE), Pennsylvania State University. To subscribe to DEOS, post the following commands to listserv@psuvm or

"SUBSCRIBE DEOSNEWS", skip one space, and type your First and Last names.

To retrieve back issues of DEOS, post to the following command: Get DEOSNEWS skip a space and then type the filename. Vol. 1 filenames are log9104 for no. 1-4; log9105 for no. 5-6; log9106 for no. 7-8; 91-00001 to 91-00017 for no. 9-25. Vol. 2 files names are 92-00018 to 92-00026 for no. 1-9; 92-00027 for the appendix to 9; 92-00028 to 92-00043 for no. 10-25. Vol. 3 filenames are 93-00044 to 93-00054 for no. 1-11. Vol. 4 filenames are 94-00055 to 94-00066 for no. 1-12. Vol. 5 filenames are 95-00001 to 95-00004 for no. 1-4.

Following are some electronic journals I have found useful and informative:

International Journal of Continuing Education Practice, published by the University of Regina in Canada

The first issue was recently sent via email but plans are for it to eventually be accessible on the World Wide Web. The journal invites responses to published articles for at least two weeks following publication. Interested readers can take part in related discussion by sending comments to the editors at and note the subject is "comments". There is no charge for subscription to the journal.

To subscribe, send an email message, with no subject line, to: with only one line of text:

subscribe conted your first name your last name.

JOE - The Journal of Extension, published by the Extension Journal, Inc., 233 Smyth Hall, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. There is no charge for subscription to the journal.

For information about the journal, send email to

Joe-comments is a mailing list which provides you the opportunity to give your suggestions and opinions on the journal. To subscribe to send email to with the message:

subscribe joe-comments There also is gopher access through

New Horizons in Adult Education, published by Nova Southeastern University, Programs for Higher Education, 3301 College Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314 (and edited by Nancy Gadbow, a graduate of Syracuse University's School of Education).

New Horizons in Adult Education is a refereed journal transmitted electronically through the Adult Education Network (AEDNET), accessible through BITNET and the Internet. There is no charge for the journal as received electronically.

To correspond with the journal and its editors send email to or send postal mail via the address shown above. To obtain any back issue of the journal, send an email request as follows:

Address message to (no subject line is necessary). In the message line say get horizons vol(then the number)n(then the number) For example, if you wanted volume 6 no. 1 you would say get horizons vol6n1

To request an index, type the following in the body of the message: Index horizons

Many additional resources are cited in Ellsworth, J. H. (1995). Online resources for distance education. In Z. L. Burge & M. P. Collins (Eds.), Computer-mediated communications and the online classroom. Volume III: Distance learning. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press, Inc. Jill also is a Syracuse University School of Education graduate. For more information on her resources (she updates them frequently), try the following:

Ellsworth, J. H. Dr. E's eclectic compendium of electronic resources for adult/distance education. Available via FTP from in the /inetdirsstacks as subdirectory as file disted:ellsworth.

Ellsworth, J. H. Ellsworth's list of Internet resources (known on the web as Dr. E's Eclectic Compendium of Electronic Resources for Adult/Distance Education). Available via email from This guide is available via FTP at host: path: /inetdirsstacks file: disted:ellsworth and in html format from

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