Jean and Ron Descendants with Photos


Jean Hiemstra Rus, Text Box:  
#183, b. October 6, 1930 in Kalamazoo, MI (daughter of Harm Hiemstra #153 and Gezina (Sena) Oosterheert #174).



She married Ronald Harold Rus #213, September 10, 1953 in Martin, MI, b. May 21, 1933 in Douglas County, SD (son of Leonard Albert Rus #1314 and Gertrude Mulder #1315).


I.    Norman H. Rus #214, b. August 2, 1957 in Plainwell, MI.


II.   Timothy J. Rus #215, b. May 15, 1959 in Plainwell, MI.


       He married Sharon Rus #1462.


       A.   Charity Hope Rus, Text Box:  
#1933, b. ?1996, d. August 2, 2007.





       B.   Chad Rus #1934.


             He married Jill Rus #1935.


       C.   Kelly Rus #1936.


             She married Jeremy Langerak #1937.


       D.   Courtney Rus #1938.


       E.   Alisha Rus #1939.


III. Lavonne Sue Rus Ogilvie #216, b. September 5, 1965 in Kalamazoo, MI.


       She married Mr. Ogilvie #1461.


IV. Jeffrey Wayne Rus #217, b. June 9, 1970 in Kalamazoo, MI.




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