The Sam May Marble Tabletís New Home


A large marble tablet (9 feet by 2.5 feet) memorial to Rev. Samuel J. May used to hang below the Stained Glass window also devoted to Rev. May in the old James Street church. Some of our long time members remember the tablet and window. The tablet was removed, unfortunately broken in the process, as the church was being razed. It was stored in the Onondaga Historical Societyís research building, unlogged in, and forgotten. In June of 2005 as that organization was cleaning out that building it was found, reported to us, and we retrieved it.


It was rededicated on Sunday, October 1, 2006, at the same time the Pavilion was dedicated. Several photos below depict these dedication activities.


In addition, utilizing money from the 2006 NYSCU grant received by the History Committee, Professor Ron DeRutee, Syracuse University, was commissioned to repair and supervise the remounting of the tablet. He was ably assisted by Dale Sherman. The remounting, made possible by many volunteers, took place on December 31, 2006. The tablet now hangs on our outside SW corner overlooking the Pavilion and Memorial Garden. It is a beautiful sight.



May 9, 2007


Prof. Ron DeRutte at the Dedication Service


Rog Hiemstra and Rev. John Marsh at the Dedication Service


Jean Hoefer at the Dedication Service



The tablet in its repair cradle


Viewing the dedicated tablet



Dale Sherman, Ron DeRutee, and Rog Hiemstra


Volunteers assisting with the mounting process



Home at last!