Left Window, West Side: Judson

            This window, Tiffany Palms, was designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Known as “New Jerusalem,” was one of the lovelier windows and the only one to be saved when the James Street church was razed. It was originally installed in 1903, at the height of Tiffany’s fame. It is valuable for its historical as well as its artistic value. The window has a woodland stream as the motif, as no figures or crosses appear in the design. It reveals a mauve, violet, and green design, and came from Tiffany’s famed “art nouveau” studio. It measured 11 feet by 55 inches and is on display at the Everson Art Museum in Syracuse. The window was in honor of Edward Judson as a gift of his son.

            Edward Barker Judson, who died January 15, 1902, was an active member of our church and the closest friend Rev. Sam Calthrop had in Syracuse. He was in the lumber business and interested in politics. He served in the Assembly from 1839-1841. He also had interests in local banks. He was a Trustee of  Wells College. Edward became a member of our church in 1884 and was on the Board of Trustees for many years. He was our first President of record in 1890. In 1845 he married Sarah Williams. They had one son, Edward Barker, Jr.