Howard Yale McClusky


Following is a bibliography of Howard's more than 150 articles, monographs and book chapters. It contains materials authored, co-authored, or edited by Howard Y. McClusky and was developed through many hours of library searching, computer searches, inter-library loan help, interviews with Howard or his colleagues, and personal searching. However, it no doubt still contains some citational errors and some important citations may well be missing. A code is included after each citation to aid the reader in interpretation. There are four categories shown, each separated by a slash. If a publication was deemed to fit more than one code within a category, each code is separated by a hyphen. The keys are as follows:

1st Category -- Author Status


OA = Only author

LA = Lead author

SA = Second author

CA = Contributing or consulting author

2nd Category -- Article Type


TP = Theoretical or thought piece

RL = Review of literature

ED = Editorial, tribute, or served as editor or compiler

EX = Experimental

EM = Empirical research other than experimental

CS = Case study or content analysis study

[Note that for the following, up to three focal points may be given depending on the nature or breadth of the article. A secondary and tertiary descriptor, when shown, will follow the preceding descriptor with a dash. All content focus descriptors will precede the third slash.]

3rd Category -- Content Focus


ACE = Adult community education

AL = Adult learning/adult psychology

CC = Community councils

CE = Community education

CD = Community development

CRE = Career education/vocational education

CSH = Community self-help

EG = Educational gerontology

FP = Future projecting

GAE = General adult education

GE = General education

MH = Mental health

PSC = Public schools

PSY = Psychology/educational psychology

TM = Theory of margin

TT = Teacher training

VE = Visual education/media

YO = Youth

4th Category -- Publication Type


B = Book, book chapter, or monograph

J = Journal article

N = Newsletter, bulletin, conference proceedings, or government report

1. Adult and community education: Its promise and relevance. Community Education, 1971, 1, 6-7 & 19. O/T/ACE-C/J

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4. Adult, continuing and community education: The shape and promise of the field. UCLA Junior College Leadership Program occasional Report, 1974, 19, 11-24. OA/TP/GAE-ACE/N

5. Adult dimensions of lifelong learning: Reflections on the future of the educational enterprise. Innovator, 1976, 8, (July), 11-12. OA/TP/GAE-FP/N

6. Adult education. Social Work Yearbook, 1954, 12, 30-35. OA/TP/GAE/B

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13. Adult education for citizenship. Review of Educational Research, 1947, 17, 293-98. OA/RL/ACE-CSH/J

14. Adult education: Our secret weapon. Adult Leadership, 1952, 1(October), 26. CA/TP/ACE/J

15. Adventure and the emerging roles of the adult education leader. NUEA Spectator, 1967, 32, 14-17 & 27. OA/TP/GAE-TM-FP/J

16. The AEA/USA: Why and what it must be. Adult Leadership, 1971, 20 (December, 126-128 & 152-154. OA/TP/GAE-FP/J

17. American youth and the present crisis. Proceedings of the Seventh Conference on Education and the Exceptional Child of the Child Research Clinic of the Wood's Schools, 1941, 6-16. OA/TP/YO-CRE-GAE/N

18. An analytical study of the content of educational motion picture films. In P.M. Freeman (Ed.), Visual education. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1924. OA/CS/VE/B

19. Analyzing community problems. Michigan Community Newsletter, 1949, 6 (March, 1-2. OA/TP/ACE-CD/N

20. An approach to a differential psychology of the adult potential. In S.M. Grabowski (Ed.), Adult learning and instruction. Syracuse, NY: ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult Education, 1970. Also reprinted as Appendix C, pp. 80-95, of M.S. Knowles, The adult learner: A neglected species. Houston: Gulf Publishing Company, 1973. OA/TP/AL-PSY/B

21. The best present ever. Action (U.S. Jaycee Newsletter), 1957, 9, No. 5, 1-3. OA/TP/ACE-CE-CD/N

22. Block organization for health education. American Journal of Public Health, 1944, 34, 648-651. OA/TP/GAE-CE/J

23. Bureau of studies and training in community adult education. University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, 1948, 19 (February, 75-78. OA/TP/ACE/N

24. Can adults learn community self-help. University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin. 1946, 17 (February), 65-69. OA/TP/ACE-CSH/N

25. Central hypotheses about adult learning. Report of the Commission of the Professors of Adult Education (Lafayette, Indiana Meeting). Washington, DC: Adult Education Association of the USA, 1958. OA/TP/AL-PSY/N

26. The changing concept of the laboratory in teacher preparation. Proceedings of the 21st Annual Session of the National Association of Supervisors of Student Teachers, Atlantic City, NJ, 1941, 58-61. OA/TP/TT-PSC-CE/N

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29. Comments on four case studies of community organization. Journal of Educational Sociology, 1949, 23 (November, 183-188. OA/TP-ED/CE-CD-CSH/J

30. Communities learn from one another. Michigan Community Newsletter, 1951, 8 (May), 2. OA/TP/CE-CD-ACE/N

31. Community adult education at the University of Michigan (with G. Jensen). University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, 1957, 29, 1-6. LA/TP/ACE/N

32. The community approach to adult education. University of Michigan School of Education Bulletin, 1944, 15, 84-87. OA/TP/ACE/N

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36. The community in council. Adult Leadership, 1956, 5 (May), 72-14. OA/TP/CC/J

37. Community influences and adult learning. Adult Education. 1958, 8, 103-105. OA/TP/CE-CD-CC/AL/J

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