Commission of Professors of Adult Education [CPAE] Records, 1969-1971 (with text)

Includes Some Records That Have Undergone Optical Character Recognition and Conversion

The Adult Education History Project

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Adult Education Research Conference [AERC].


Records, 1969-1971.



1 linear ft.




The collection concerns itself with the 12th annual Adult Education Research Conference [AERC] held in New York City in 1971.  There are two series divisions.  The first, conference file, includes abstracts, by-laws, evaluation sheets, general files consisting in part of correspondence (primarily from Executive Committee members Virginia Griffin, Allen Menlo, Harlan G. Copeland, and Robert L. Bruce) and printed material, mailing lists, program for the conference, registrant lists, and some miscellaneous material.  The second, file card index, is a names file of adult education professionals.


Conference file.

File card index.


















Adult education.

Adult education -- Research.


Bruce, Robert L.

Copeland, Harlan G.

Griffin, Virginia (Virginia R.).

Menlo, Allen.



Adult Education Research Conference. Annual Meeting (12th: 1971: New York, NY).





George Arents Research Library for Special Collections at Syracuse University,

Manuscripts Collections,

Bird Library,

Room 600,

Syracuse, NY  13244-2010.




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{7:28:83:I:279,306:1950,1905} ADULT EDUCATION RESEARCH CONFERENCE, 1971 PAPERS, 1969-1971 2 boxes (1 linear foot)  Background Sketch   The twelfth annual Adult Education Research Conference was held in New York in 1971. The collection of the Adult Education Research Conference Papers contains correspondence on arrangements for the conference, evaluations of the conference submitted by the participants, lists of registrants, and other data. More detailed information follows in the shelf list. 


Shelf List Box l CONFERENCE FILE Abstracts, 1971  By-Laws, 1969-1970 Evaluation Sheets, n.d. General Files, correspondence and printed  material, 1970-1971 Mailing lists, n.d. Program, 1971 Registrants, 1971 Miscellaneous, 1971 Box 2 FILE CARD INDEX





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