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Commission of Professors of Adult Education [CPAE].


Records, 1953-1984, 1960-1983 (bulk).







Organizational Records.


Correspondence, January-December, 1971.


September 15-30, 1971.















Apps, Jerold W.

Griffith, William S.



Annual Meeting of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education [CPAE] (1971: Los Angeles, CA).





Box 1, Folder 5, Set 5/9.




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{7:92:1135:I:297,171:1986,2079} UNIVERSITY OF ILLIN0IS PEORIA REGIONAL OFFICE for extension and public service CHICAGO CIRCLE CAMPUS MEDICAL CENTER CAMPUS,CHICAGO URBANA-CHAMPAIGN CAMPUS ROOM 405 CITIZEN'S BUILDING PEORIA, ILLINOIS 61604 225 MAIN STREET 309-673-1623 16 September 1971 Dr. William S. Griffith Department of Education The University of Chicago 5835 S. Kimbark Avenue Chicago IL 60637 Dear Dr. Griffith: You asked for a group of us to discuss the University of Utah Higher Education Administrators' Institute for Teacher Training in Adult Education. I won't be attending the Commission meeting this year. Currently I am Chairman of the ECOP Subcommittee on Personnel Training and Development and, at this time, I am rather involved in a National Conference as well as closing out our ECOP year. I don't believe I've had the opportunity to meet you; and, now that I'm working with the University of Illinois, I plan to take the opportunity to visit with you in Chicago. If you're ever down this way, do look us up. Very truly yours, Denzil O. Clegg, Coordinator Peoria Regional Office


{7:92:1136:I:165,705:2124,1740}September 20, 1971 Dr. William S. Griffith Chairman Commission of the Professors of Adult Education Adult Education Association of the U.S.A. 5835 South Kimbark Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637 Dear Bill: Thanks for your letter of recent date. I do plan to attend the Commission Meeting in Los Angeles on November 5 and will be happy to deliver a brief report on the "Professor Exchange Project" at that time. As concerns whether continuance of the effort, I think that's a question we should ask the group. I really have no idea of the degree to which my efforts have had any "pay-off" for the group. My report will consist largely of that question. Sincerely, Wayne L. Schroeder Professor and Associate Head Department of Adult Education


{7:92:1137:I:273,150:2058,2433}SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY ADULT EDUCATION SCHOOL OF EDUCATION 105 RONEY LANE SYRACUSE, NEW YORK 18210 TELEPHONE 315 476-5541 EXTENSION 3031 Sept. 22, 1971 Dr. William S. Griffith Chairman Commission of the Professors of Adult Education 5835 South Kimbark Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637 Dear Bill: On the assumption that I can receive reimbursement for a portion of my travel expenses to Los Angeles, I am willing to participate on the panel on ERIC on November 4 and to present a summary of the Literature Review committee activities on November 5. Our requests for travel monies for the coming academic year were submitted last Friday, September 17. We should be apprised of the amount that we will have available for travel within the next two weeks. As for the 1971-72 year, I would like to suggest that another person be selected to serve as chairman of the Literature Summary, Analysis and Review Committee. I will give some thought to your questions about a possible chairman and members of the committee and relay this in another letter. Sincerely, Harlan Copeland Associate Professor


{7:92:1138:I:123,654:2253,1980}September 27, 1971 Dr. Jerold W. Apps, Professor Department of Agriculture and Extension Education 208 Agricultural Hall The University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin 53706 Dear Jerry: Thank you for your letter of September 7. I am sending a letter to Laverne B. Forest extending a welcome to membership in the Commission as you recommended. Although I would be pleased to have the membership committee continue for another year, the decision is not mine, but rather that of the person who will be elected to the chairmanship at our meeting in November. I look forward to hearing and reading the report of the membership committee for I know you have been wrestling with knotty problems this year and have a number of issues, questions, and recommendations to present to the Commission on Friday afternoon, November 5. Let us hope that nothing will prevent your participation. Sincerely yours, William S. Griffith Chairman WSG : dw


{7:92:1140:I:345,735:1821,1737}September 15, 1971 .Dr. William S. Griffith Assistant Professor of Education Department of Education The University of Chicago 5801 South Ellis Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637 Dear Bill: Mr. Charles Divita (ex-student of mine) has just accepted a professorial position with Colorado State University. He'll be moving to Fort Collins on or about October 15. Would you please see that he receives Commission membership application forms and is invited to the November meeting. You may reach him at this office prior to October 15 and at the following address thereafter. 213 Liberal Arts: Building Department of Education Colorado State University Fort Collins, Colorado 80521. Thanks, Bill. Sincerely, Wayne L. Schroeder Professor and Associate Head


{7:92:1141:I:225,543:2043,1647} September 28, 1971 William Griffith, Chairman Commission of the Professors of Adult Education The University of Chicago 5835 South Kimbark Chicago, Illinois Dear Bill: My principal reason for writing you today concerns the Los Angeles meeting of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education. Dr. Steve Douglas of our Rolla campus would like to attend our meeting and petition for membership. Also, I would like to request that Mr. Tom Hill, a graduate student in our Adult Education Fellowship Program, be granted permission to attend at least a portion of our commission sessions. Please give me your reaction concerning these items. I will be attempting to serve as chairman of one of the work sessions. Your response is appreciated. Sincerely, Ralph C. Dobbs Major Adviser in Adult Education


{7:92:1143:I:165,357:1953,2364}October 1, 1971 Mr. Jack London School of Education University of California 3649 Tolman Hall Berkeley, California 94720 Dear Jack: It was good to learn that you will be a central figure in our Commission of Professors meeting in November. I believe the topic is one deserving of your views. Dr. Francis Fay, of The University of North Carolina, wrote me several months ago and expressed interest in drafting a paper on "What Kind of Adult Educator Should we be Producing for the 21st Century?" This was a topic suggested by several Commission members as one to be included in our forthcoming program. The Executive Committee chose not to include that topic as a part of the program, but did recommend the related topic later assigned to you. In a recent conversation with Dr. Fay I learned that his interest was still very much as it was during the early summer months. My suggestion to Dr. Fay was that he write to you concerning the possibility of sharing his ideas during your Thursday morning session. I now leave it up to you and Dr. Fay to work out any arrangements that you would see beneficial to your part on the program. Do let me know the results so that I can accurately prepare the cast of players. I look forward to seeing you in November. Sincerely, John M. Peters Associate Professor


{7:92:1144:I:222,336:1917,2367}October 1, 1971 Mr. Lester S. Perril Coordinator, Adult Education Graduate Program Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona 85281 Dear Les: My apologies for a belated reply to your letter of August 30, but I needed to know more about the nature of our Commission program before replying. You asked for my opinion on the disposition to be made of your paper on the theory of sponsorship as a factor in the program planning process. In view of the present program, I see no provision for a discussion on the program planning process. Moreover, in a phone conversation with Bill Griffith, we were unable to trace the plans of Irene Bowers for convening a group on said topic. Perhaps this was done as a part of the work of a "domain team?" At any rate, our suggestion is that you take your paper to Los Angeles and provide copies to professors who are interested in the topic. We will announce the availability of all such papers as they are brought to the meeting. I am sure several will be interested in your ideas (myself, for one). Thank you for your interest in the program. I look forward to seeing you in November. Sincerely, John M. Peters Associate Professor cc: Mr. Bill Griffith


{7:92:1145:I:0,0:2544,3300}THE CITY COLLEGE OF THE CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK NEW YORK 10031 THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION October 2, 1971. Dr. William Griffith 5835 South Kimbark Ave. Chicago, Ill Dear Bill: Hope this reaches you in time to, perhaps, put it on the agenda for the meeting of the Commission of Professors in Los Angeles. I am still interested in, and I guess feel it quite important, securing/compiling a list of recipients of a master's degree in adult education either annually or from time to time. I incline toward an annual listing. There are many more individuals than one would suppose who receive this degree in our field and, to my knowledge, there has been no such listing of them as there has been of doctoral degree recipients. Probably I am partial toward this need as my institution awards this degree (we are working toward the higher degree) and I feel that recognition of one degree can prove to be a motivating factor for some, at least, to continue with their studies in adult education. If the group is in favor of this, I offer my services to work on this for the coming year with any other who feel the way I do. I may not get to the meetings held prior to the Conferences; my schedule is quite demanding this year in particular but plan to be at the meeting held on Sunday night at 8 o'clock. N.B. at 10 o'clock that evening I am having my party in my room at the Biltmore and hope you will accept my invitation to attend. Sincerely, (Mrs.) Angelica W. Cass Program Head/Asst Professor AWC/ML Adult and Community Education


{7:92:1147:I:327,621:1890,1866}September 29, 1971 Dr. Jerold W. Apps, Professor Department of Agriculture and Extension Education 208 Agriculture Hall The University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin 53706 Dear Jerry, Thank you for the copy of your letter of September 7th to Bill Griffith regarding the Membership Committee. I would concur fully with your suggestions and would like to see you serve again next year as Chairman. Bob Snyder has recommended the following person for membership on the Commission: Miss Judy Smith, Instructor Adult Education Department College of Education Colorado State University Ft. Collins, Colorado 80521 Would you please send her the necessary application forms. Although there is a tight budget situation, I expect to go to the meeting at Los Angeles and will see you then. Yours sincerely, M. Josephine Flaherty Assistant Professor





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