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Commission of Professors of Adult Education [CPAE].


Records, 1953-1984, 1960-1983 (bulk).






Includes reports from Outstanding Theses, Adult Education Simulation Materials, and Finance Committees.


Organizational Records.


Correspondence, January-December, 1971.


September 1-15, 1971.
















DuBois, Eugene Eli.

Griffith, William S.

Long, Huey B.



Annual Meeting of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education [CPAE] (1971 : Los Angeles, CA).





Box 1, Folder 5, Set 4/9.




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{7:91:1108:I:150,138:2142,2712} THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION ATHENS, GEORGIA 30601 DEPARTMENT OF ADULT EDUCATION September 3, 1971 William S. Griffith, Chairman Commission of the Professors of Adult Education 5835 South Kimbark Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637 Dear Bill: Reference is to my letter of August. 30, in response to your request concerning the meeting of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education. I am providing you with the attached report concerning the activities of the Outstanding Theses Committee. As indicated in the report, I believe this to be primarily a report of the chairman rather than a report of the committee. However, I am providing copies of this letter and copies of the report to the other three members of the committee for information purposes. It is possible that Jim Farmer and/or John Niemi may be able to attend the meeting in Los Angeles and may have some reactions concerning my recommendation. I am very disappointed that I will be unable to make the trip. However, our funds are so limited it is very difficult to get into South Carolina so I am sure that you would appreciate the difficulty in getting to California. Sincerely, Huey B. Long Associate Professor HBL:kw cc: Dr. John Niemi Dr. Jim Farmer Dr. George Gordon


{7:91:1109:I:243,381:1866,2517}Outstanding Theses Committee - Report of the Chairman Based on only one meeting of the committee since the writer became chairman this is primarily a report of the chairman rather than of the committee. Reactions should be based on such knowledge. In the 12 months covered by this report the following activities took place: 1. A meeting of the committee, October, 1970. 2. A definition of the committee's task, .i.e. to develop a monograph based on the outstanding theses in adult education. The monograph was to illustrate the good examples of theses in adult education according to research typology; experimental, historical, methodological, and descriptive. 3. Each committee member was assigned abstracts (so classified) of thesis provided by ERIC to analyze and for a chapter in the proposed publication. 4. Two factors appear to have severely limited the achievement of our goals, (1) other responsibilities hampered the activities of committee members, and (2) the data provided in the abstracts appear inadequate for the task.


{7:91:1110:I:321,186:1725,1098}- 2 - Recommendations of the Chairman 1. Due to the information problem, time problem, and the possibility that there is insufficient research models available among the "outstanding theses" the purpose of this committee should be reexamined. 2. If the project is pursued it may more properly be executed by an individual rather than a committee.


{7:91:1111:I:108,183:2244,2697}BOSTON UNIVERSITY To: Commission of Professors of Adult Education DATE: September 2, 1971 From: Eugene E. DuBois Associate Professor of Education, Boston University Subject: Report an Adult Education Simulation Materials In the spring of 1967, the author was requested by a special committee of the Commission (Professors Litchfield, Knowles, Price, Quinn and Thiede) to prepare a set of simulation materials for use as in-service training for personnel in public school adult education in cooperation with the University Council for Educational Administration. The first draft was completed by July, 1967 and were subsequently submitted to a review committee of the Commission chaired by Professor G. Kenneth Gordon at the 1967 meeting of the Commission. This Committee presented its report one year later requesting certain changes i.e. recent legislation should be reflected in the materials, greater community centeredness, etc. Professor Ralph Dobbs (University of Missouri) agreed to make these additional inputs and thus coauthor the materials. Dr. Alan Gaynor of UCEA has made the following report (6/16/7l): In the light of these figures which, based on our experience with B. A. Graphics, will probably run 50-100% higher than estimated, we have had to reconsider our position on the publication of the adult education materials. A number of factors suggest that although the materials are good ones, an investment of this magnitude seems ill -advised at this time. 1. The cost to the user, given the estimates, would not be less than $20-25 per student ($500-650 per set of 25). 2. The Madison Simulation is dated, many of its parts are obsolete, and the possibility of revision is uncertain. 3. The continuing development of the new UCEA Urban Simulation Materials has already cut into the demand for the the Madison Materials and can be expected to cut even more deeply in the future. 4. The Madison General Background Materials (manuals, slides, tapes, etc.), which would be required for use in conjunction with the Adult Education module, are in short supply and very likely will be phased out. Republication of the GBM seems uneconomical at this time.




{7:91:1113:I:111,162:2184,1890}BOSTON UNIVERSITY To: Commission of Professors of Adult Education Date: September 7, l97l From: Eugene E. DuBois Associate Professor of Education, Boston University Subject: Report on Finance Committee In Novembers, 1970, Chairman Griffith appointed a two man Finance Committee (Professors DuBois and McClusky). This committee was charged with the task of obtaining financial support for the activities of the Commission. After consultation with Mr. Jules Pagano, former executive director of the Adult Education Association of the U.S.A., the committee is pleased to report the following: At its mid-January meeting in New York, the Steering Committee unanimously passed the following resolution: In recognition of the improved financial position and because of the special cooperative relationship of units within AEA/USA, the Steering Committee recommends that priority be given to fund, to as great an extent as possible within the guidelines of the 1971 budget, the present program needs of the Commission of Professors; and that the Executive Director convey this action to the Commission with a request for specific program needs and related costs. This resolution speaks for itself and needs no further explanation. However, as Executive Director, I would like to point out that, in accordance with the 1971 budget guidelines, an amount not to exceed $5,000 is to be earmarked for implementing this resolution.


{7:91:1114:I:114,150:2106,2739}THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL AND LIFE SCIENCES Madison, Wisconsin 53706 DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND EXTENSION EDUCATION 208 AGRICULTURE HALL September 7, 1971 Mr. William S. Griffith, Chairman Commission of the Professors of Adult Education Adult Education Association, USA 5835 South Kimbark Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637 Dear Bill: Two things. First, on behalf of the membership committee I would like to recommend Laverne B. Forest for membership. A copy of membership application form in included. Secondly, in response to your August 24 letter, it looks now like I will be the only one from our department attending the Commission of Professors meeting. As you know, we're experiencing a very tight budget situation. If it looks like at the 1ast minute I will not be able to attend, I will certainly prepare a written report. I have no recommendations for persons to be appointed to this committee for 1971-72. Both Gale Jensen and Josephine Flaherty were very diligent workers. I don't know what your policy is on committee chairmen; perhaps Gale or Josephine should be asked to serve next year. I would also be willing to again serve as chairman At this point, I have no suggestions for changing the responsibilities of this committee. We have not dealt to any extent with looking at present members and determining whether or not they ought to continue. I noticed in your letter, the membership continuation form in part gets to this problem. Lastly, I do feel that there is a need for the committee to continue. We worked out a system for processing membership applications that seems to work rather well. I believe a committee apart from the executive committee of the Commission should handle such matters as membership. Sincerely, JWA/dlu JEROLD W. APPS CC: Gale Jensen Professor Josephine Flaherty


{7:91:1117:I:246,669:2136,2325}September 7, 1971 Dr. William S. Griffith Department of Education University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois 60637 Dear Bill: Ah, being a professor of adult education is much more appealing during July and August if one is in Antigonish, N. S. rather than Tallahassee, Fla. -only one reason being the weather. Now to answer the questions you posed in your letter of August 24. 1. I do not plan to attend the Commission meeting this year. 2. I will submit a written report on what has transpired since last year. 3. No particular choice for a chairman of, or members for, the "Committee" for next year. 4. I'll have to specify what the responsibility of the committee is as I see it--then whoever is interested can debate changes. 5. I think so, even if only to serve as liaison with the work being done by the Center for Educational Statistics and to give focus within the Commission to this subject. The program topics and personnel appear to be well chosen. I wish you a highly productive meeting-an event assured by the quality of your leadership. Peace, Roy J. Ingham Associate Professor




{7:91:1119:I:168,186:2040,2874}THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA VANCOUVER 8, CANADA FACULTY OF EDUCATION September 8, 1971. Dr. William Griffith, Chairman, Commission of the Professors of Adult Education, Adult Education Assoc. of the USA, 5835 South Kimbark Avenue, Chicago, ILLINOIS 60637. Dear Bill: I am enclosing copies of letters that have gone out to the four participants in our Los Angeles meeting. I am planning to write to all the professors, asking them to suggest names of individuals who should receive invitations to our meeting. Have you any names to submit? In reply to your letter of August 24, I will attend the meeting in Los Angeles and will make both an oral report and a written report. Concerning your other questions, I would like to continue as Chairman for another year, as we have only begun the task of contacting the part-time professors of adult education and giving assistance to them. I would also like to have the option of suggesting other members of the committee at the Los Angeles meeting. As to what our future responsibility should be, this will be determined to a large degree by the outcome of the meeting on Sunday, November 7 -- the persons who attend, the tenor of their remarks, etc. I appreciate all the help that you, as Chairman of the Commission, have extended to me. Sincerely, Dr. John A. Niemi, Encl. Associate Professor JAN/cj of Adult Education. P.S. The planners of the Conference have given me until September 15th to get my "copy" in for the booklet describing the program.


{7:91:1120:I:105,198:2148,2916}THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA VANCOUVER 8, CANADA FACULTY OF EDUCATION September 8, 1971. Dr. Charles Kozoll, Associate Project Director, A.B.E., Southern Regional Educational Board, 130 Sixth Street, N.W. , Atlanta, GEORGIA. Dear Charles: Thank you very much for agreeing to participate in a special meeting of the Commission to be held on Sunday afternoon, November 7, from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. I suggest that your presentation occupy about half an hour. Unless you inform me of any changes in titles, I will turn in the following information to the Los Angeles Program Committee: Howard McClusky: "Where We Are, How We Got There, Changes That I See: The Development of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education" Virginia Griffin: "Alternative Starting Points for Organizing A Graduate Program in Adult Education" Alton Hadlock: "A Higher Educational Institute for Teacher Training in Adult Education" Charles Kozoll: "What The Southern Educational Regional Board is Doing to Promote Graduate Programs" Should you need any special equipment (e.g., an overhead projector) for your presentation, I would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible. I would also like you to send me the names of any individuals who should receive invitations to our meeting. Sincerely, Dr. John A. Niemi, Associate Professor JAN/cj of Adult Education. cc. Dr. William Griffith.


{7:91:1126:I:108,630:2262,2079}September 13, 1971 Dr. William S. Griffith, Chairman Commission of the Professors of Adult Education AEA/USA 5835 South Kimbark Ave. Chicago, Illinois 6o637 U.S.A. Dear Bill: Thank you for the information regarding the Commission meeting and the AEA meeting. I would like to serve as secretary for the meeting, but the situation is such here at the College of Education that I would be unable to duplicate or mail out the materials. Our budget is just that tight, and our administrators here can't help. Could I be the "colleague" you speak of, perhaps even-serving the secretary as assistant-secretary. I think it is counter-productive for the secretary to have to depend on another institution to do the mechanical chores. I'm sorry, Bill, not to be able to meet your request. I can contribute my time, but we don't have the supporting resources in our Continuing Education Program here to be able to contribute them. With every best wish, I remain Sincerely yours, Robert A. Carlson Associate Professor of Continuing Education


{7:91:1127:I:210,549:2154,2343}LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90024 September 13, 1971 Dr. William Griffith Commission of Profs. of Ad. Ed. 5835 South Kimbark Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637 Dear Bill: It was good to see you and to meet your wife in Detroit on August 13. In reflecting on the plans which were made that day and in reading over the summary of those plans which you presented in your letter to the members of the Commission, it looks as if we are going to have a worthwhile and interesting seating of the Commission here in Los Angeles in November. We had a relaxing and enjoyable vacation in Ottawa, fishing and seeing our Canadian relatives. Upon my return a few days ago, I phoned the LaManchia and was surprised to learn that Mr. Lambert, who had made the arrangements to have the Commission stay at the LaManchia, was no longer working there. Mr. Christian Smith (213-475-5831), who in now in charge of housing arrangements at LaManchia, informed me that a large UCLA residential hall has gone bankrupt. LaManchia has had for some time a standing arrangement with the UCLA Chancellor's office to put provision of student housing as its first priority. Therefore, LaManchia has converted 100% to providing student residencies, can no longer use its space for conferences, and has had to cancel providing facilities for conferences, including ours, for the coming academic year. I was very unhappy when I was informed of these matters, since LaManchia would have been an excellent place for our Commission meeting. Mr. Smith said that they were sorry about the matter. He confirmed what Mr. Lambert had told me and what I reported to you in my letter to you of December 11, 1970, namely, that LaManchia does not enter into contracts in relation to the provision of conference space. As I understand it, this is because they have primary commitment to providing residency, if needed, as indicated above. In any case, Mr. Smith indicated that he had previously assisted others in getting alternate conference facilities at as reasonable prices as possible when LaManchia could not provide the facilities and had had good luck previously in doing so at the Hacienda, a motel near the L.A. airport. Paul Sheats and I have been at a conference there and have found it conveniently located, with good rooms and conference facilities. Following his conversation with me on Sept. 10th, Mr. Smith called the Hacienda and was able to get the "military servicemen's" rate (the least expensive) for us at the Hacienda if we wished to stay there and hold our meeting there.


{7:91:1128:I:180,231:2229,2370}Dr. William Griffith 2 September 13, 1971 While the decision to use the Hacienda is one which I could not make, of course, (and I will await hearing from you on the matter), because of the shortness of time, I phoned the Hacienda myself, after talking to Mr. Smith, and learned the following, in talking with Mr. Serge Roberts, Director of Sales, The Hacienda Hotel at the L.A. Airport, 525 Sepulveda Blvd., El Segundo, Calif. 90245 (Tel. 213-322-1212): (1) The room price for the Commission meeting: $12.00 per day for single rooms; $14.00 for twin bed, double rooms. (2) Included in this price is: (a) free transportation to and from the L.A. airport to the Hacienda; (b) free meeting space for the Commission meetings. While I told Mr. Roberts that he would have to wait for confirmation on the following arrangements from you, he has agreed to reserve the following conference facilities for us: (1) A meeting room to seat the estimated 30-50 participants at the Nov. 3, 7:30 p.m. session, the Nov. 4, 7:30 p.m. session, and the 1:30-5 p.m. Nov. 5 session. (2) Meeting rooms for the two concurrent sessions at 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 4 and 9 a.m. on Nov. 5. He will need to know whether we will want "lecture" (head table and chairs in rows) or "class room" (a head table and each person seated around tables) for the various meetings. Mr. Roberts has indicated that he will be glad to mail you whatever number of postcards for requesting reservations upon request. As soon as I hear from you concerning whether or not the proposed, revised facilities and preliminary arrangements are satisfactory, I will be glad to work with Mr. Roberts in making any further facility arrangements for the meeting that you or John Peters indicate. In some ways there will be advantages in having our meeting at the Hacienda. I have found them very good to work with. I agree with you that having name tags and tent signs would be good for the meetings. Unfortunately, with the most recent budget cuts, neither Paul Sheats nor I have secretarial help available to us which could be used to produce these items. Perhaps John Peters or some other member of the Commission has such secretarial help available and could have these items made. He could then easily bring them with him, since they are not bulky. Hopefully Leonard Freedman will accept your invitation to him. If so, I will be glad to work out arrangements and clarify expectations with him when he contacts me. If he does not accept, I will be glad to ask Paul Sheats, who knows the faculty here far better then I do, who might be a good substitute for the Nov. 3 evening meeting. But hopefully we will not have to go to an alternate.


{7:91:1129:I:180,225:2061,1089}Dr. William Griffith 3 September 13, 1971 I will contact Alan Knox and James Thornton about the half-day session on the Principles of Adult Education. To do so, however, I will need James Thorntonís address, since I cannot find his listed on any of the Commission's Address lists. I would appreciate it if you could send it to me, assuming that you have it on the master mailing list. I look forward to hearing from you on these matters and to seeing you in November. Sincerely yours, Jim Farmer Assistant Professor brd





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