Commission of Professors of Adult Education [CPAE] Records 114 (with text)

Includes Some Records That Have Undergone Optical Character Recognition and Conversion

Box 1, Folder 7, Set 1/5

The Adult Education History Project

Based on Information in the Syracuse University Library Archives

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Commission of Professors of Adult Education [CPAE].


Records, 1953-1984, 1960-1983 (bulk).







Organizational Records.


Correspondence, May-August, 1972.


May 1-15, 1972.













Apps, Jerold W.







Box 1, Folder 7, Set 1/5.




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{7:114:1402:I:258,723:2097,2166}To: The Leadership of AEA-USA. From: A. W. Storey, President I have seen and heard of some exciting happenings in adult education in the two or three weeks as I have traveled in Utah, Arizona, Virginia, Michigan, and Washington, D. C., but I have not seen or heard all that is going on -- will you help me?  Chairman of Councils, Commissions, and Sections  Will you drop me a note, this week, indicating in a few sentences, answers to these two questions: 1. What are you trying to accomplish with your group this year?  (We are at the mid-point.)  2. What is your group's Annual Conference Program plan for November 17-20 in Minneapolis? (AEA-USA Program Chairman, Don Woods, will have a schedule and June deadline date in your hands in a few days.)  Chairman of Committees Will you drop me a note, this week, indicating in a few sentences, answers to these two questions:  1. In what ways is your Committee being effective this year?  2. Do you have plans to have your Committee meet at the Annual Conference in Minneapolis?  Executive Committee Members Will you drop me a note, this week, indicating in a few sentences, answers to these four questions:  1. Have you written to the Commissions and Committees for which you are serving as liaison? (I have received copies of four such letters.)  2. Have you contacted new AEA-USA members in your region, by letter or other means? (One Executive Committee Member developed a letter and had it sent out by the Washington Office.)


{7:114:1403:I:147,168:1995,1206}-2-  3. Are you participating in adult education meetings held in your region and sponsored by AEA-USA Affiliates?  4. Do you have the afternoon of June 2 and the morning of June 3 firmly set apart for our AEA-USA Executive Committee Meeting in Washington, D. C.?  Please answer your questions this week. You can be of tremendous help.  AWS:vs CC: Charles Wood Edgar Boone Jack Ferver Don Woods Willard Philipson  Stan Baraga








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