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Correspondence, January-April, 1972.


April 1-15, 1972.














Apps, Jerold W.

Carlson, Robert A.



Annual Meeting of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education [CPAE] (1972 : Minneapolis, MN).

Executive Committee Meeting of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education [CPAE] (1972 : Chicago, IL).





Box 1, Folder 6, Set 6/8.




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{7:102:1315:I:102,333:2148,2508} ERNEST M. SCHUTTENBERG 3 Oakwood Road . . Acton, Massachusetts 01720 617-263-5039  EDUCATION: Ed.D., Boston University, 1972. Major areas of study were Educational Administration and Supervision, Adult Education, and Organizational Analysis. Dissertation Title: The Development of a General-Purpose Organizational Output Instrument and Its Use in the Analysis of an Organization. M.A.T., Yale University, 1955. Major areas of study were Secondary Education and English Literature. B.A., Rutgers University, 1954. Major areas of study were English Literature, French, and Music. EXPERIENCE:  1971 - Present. Project Coordinator for Staff Development at Merrimack Education Center, Chelmsford, Mass., a collaborative organization for educational innovation serving twenty community school systems. Responsible for needs assessment, program planning and design, and evaluation of in-service education programs for teachers and administrators.  1969 - 1971. Manager, Development Resources Center at Honeywell Information-Systems, Inc., Billerica, Mass. Responsible for all aspects of management training and organization development in a manufacturing and engineering organization of over two thousand members.  1964 - 1968. Administrator, Training Research and Development at American Airlines, Inc., New York, N.Y. Responsible for designing, administering, teaching, and evaluating developmental programs for all levels of management and non-management personnel. 1961 - 1964. Instructor and Institute Director for Reading Dynamics, an organization teaching reading and study skills. Responsible for curriculum development, teacher training, and supervision of staff, as well as course instruction. 1959,- 1960. Teacher of English and Social Studies at Surrattsville High School, Clinton, Maryland.


{7:102:1316:I:174,144:2163,2694}.ERNEST M. SCHUTTENBERG  -2- 1956 - 1959. Military Intelligence Specialist, U.S. Army. 1955 - 1956. Teacher of English, Verona High School, Verona, N. J. HONORS AND RECOGNITIONS: Awarded an Internship in Administration and Supervision at Boston University, 1971. Received a Ford Foundation Fellowship for graduate study at Yale University, 1955. Graduated with high honors at Rutgers University, 1954. Award for Excellence in English Literature, 1954. Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 1954. PROFFSSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS:  Member of the Adult Education Association of the U.S.A. The Society for General Systems Research  The Organization Development Network . PUBLICATIONS:  "The Effects of a Merger on the Human Organization," co-authored with Thomas J. Lifrieri (Management of Personnel Quarterly, Spring, 1971).  "Organization Development Consulting in Industry: An Inquiry into the Role of the Internal Consultant" (O.D. Practitioner, March, 1971).  "A Team Development Project," co-authored with Alan F. Mather (Training and Development Journal, February, 1971).  "Yes, Trainers Can Be Responsible for Their Own Learning" (Training in Business and Industry, September, 1967). "Participative Managerial Learning," co-authored with Lyman X. Randall (AMA Management Bulletin 73, December, 1965).  "Misconceptions about Programmed Learning" (Personnel, May/ June, 1965). REFERENCES: Will be furnished upon request. CREDENTIALS: On file at Boston University, Office of Career Planning and Placement, 195 Bay State Road, Boston, Mass. 02215.


{7:102:1325:I:318,657:1977,2370}TO: EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE James A. Farmer, Jr. Russell J. Kleis John A. Niemi John M. Peters FROM: Jerold W. Apps, Chairman Here are some notes I took at our April 6, 1972, Executive Committee meeting in Chicago. Everyone was in attendance except John Peters. 1. Black Book Issue. We agreed to send one copy of the black book to each of the Commission of Professors members and also to the part time professors that John Niemi invited to last years part time professor's meeting. We will enclose with the book an order list asking professors to order the book at a reduced price of $2.00 plus 50 cts for mailing. There will also be included in the letter a request for the names of other part time professors to whom free books and order blanks will be sent. John Niemi will provide Jerry Apps with the list of part time professors. 2. Bob Carlson Proposal. The Executive Committee agreed to accept the Carlson Proposal but there was some concern about Section 5, Paragraph B of that proposal. The Executive Committee suggested  the following modifications in Paragraph B. "The Commission of Professors of Adult Education will negotiate with the author if there are any royalties. The Commission will also negotiate with the author on the form of publication. The manuscript will be reviewed by the


{7:102:1326:I:381,147:1980,2901}. Executive Committee 2 April 11, 1972 Commission Publication Committee and/or the Executive Committee." The Executive Committee also suggested that Mr. Carlson provide a progress report to the Executive Committee at the end of each year of the proposal. The Executive Committee will review the progress of the research each year and request funds from AEA-USA for the succeeding year of the proposal. This action was not felt to in any way restrict Mr. Carlson's research but was seen as a positive approach for both Mr. Carlson and the Commission. - It may be necessary for the Commission to request additional funds beyond those Mr. Carlson has requested, for example. 3. Literature Summary The Executive Committee has agreed to officially abolish the domain teams but agrees to support adult education literature review through whatever arrangements can be made between ERIC and potential reviewers. 4. Discussion of Annual Meeting in Minneapolis. The dates established for the annual meeting are November 14-16. The program will start at 8:00 p.m. on November 14 and end with a cocktail party in the early evening of November 16. After much discussion it was agreed that the meeting should be held at the Leamington Hotel. The Executive Committee agreed that built into the program should be the opportunity for monograph publication. With that idea in mind, it was agreed that there should be three broad areas considered during the conference; one on Tuesday evening and two on Wednesday. The duel tract concept was accepted meaning that both sessions on Wednesday would run concurrently. Outside individuals will be selected to write a paper on each of the three major topics.

The three topics selected are--what does the 1970 census say; here the thought was an analysis of various social and


{7:102:1327:I:237,138:2010,2901}Executive Committee 3 April 11, 1972. educational problems suggested by the census; the contributions of philosophy to the adult education profession; and the role of counseling in adult education. In addition to the major presenters, three professors will be selected for each major topic area to react to the major presenter's paper., Professors tentatively selected are: Census-- Jack London, Burt Kreitlow, John Peters and Roger Hiemstra, alternate; Philosophy--Bob Carlson, Jim Farmer, Virginia Griffin and John Snider, alternate; Counseling--Russ Kleis, Howard McClusky, Allen Tough and Brent Halvorson, alternate. The Executive Committee members serving on the reacting panels will be responsible for coordinating the development of the monograph including communication with major presenters and with the other reactors. The Tuesday evening program is scheduled to start at 8 and end at 10 with major papers presented and the three reactors papers presented. On Wednesday following the major paper and the reaction papers, there will be small group discussion and further reaction with the major presenter. We agreed to contact AEA-USA and request $300 honorarium for each of the major paper presenters. We will also attempt to get expenses for them to attend the Minneapolis conference. The Thursday morning program will be the business meeting which will include a short presentation by Jerry Apps on the long range prospects for the Commission -- where should the Commission be ten years from now? Following the presentation the group will be broken down into smaller groups to discuss the questions Apps presents. Examples of questions raised--what should be the qualifications for membership in the Commission, what should be our role in publishing adult education materials, what should be our relationship to ERIC, what should be our relationship to AEA-USA (do we


{7:102:1328:I:234,120:1962,2895} Executive Committee 4 April 11, 1972 meet in the same places as AEA-USA). The Thursday afternoon program will be an integrated program for both Commission members and part time professors. There will be a panel made up of Wilson Thiede, a part time professor and a full time community college adult education professor. The theme of the Thursday afternoon program will be--what is a quality program? Part time professors will be invited to this meeting by John Niemi, Program Chairman The following criteria will be used in inviting part time professors: "Teaching one or more courses at the graduate level, or half time or more teaching of courses in the adult education field at either a four year college or university, or community college John Peters, Chairman of the Publications Committee, will have a major role in the publication of the three monographs from the conference. The Executive committee asked Dr. Peters to suggest one member of his committee to work with the Executive Committee member responsible for each monograph to summarizing reactions from the group meetings following the presentations. Some of these reactions may be included in the monograph along with major presenter and reactor papers. The Publication Committee will then serve as an editorial review committee for the monograph and will see the monograph through publication whether with Syracuse or some other publication outlet. 5. Discussion of research session at AEA-USA meeting. Jim Farmer will chair this year's session and will invite known adult educators to give presentations on how adult education research may be utilized. 6. Question of providing materials for institutions designing or revising adult education programs. The committee discussed this issue at some length and agreed that we should not initially support a monograph that pulls together various published articles, but rather a


{7:102:1329:I:228,129:1941,2262}Executive Committee 5 April 11, 1972  committee be appointed to first review questions that must be answered in designing or modifying an academic program. Secondly, the committee should review the current literature to find out what is already available to answer these questions. Thirdly, the committee should contact experienced professors who have either developed a graduate program or are refining an existing program to get documents they may have prepared. The committee will include: Alan Knox, chairman, John Peters, Russ Kleis, Morton Gordon, Cy Houle, Virginia Griffin. The Executive Committee agreed that Jerry Apps will appoint the committee and will check with AEA-USA for financing of a proposed publication in this area. It is hoped this committee can give a progress report at the Minneapolis meeting. 7. It was agreed that we should not print additional copies of the green brochure, "Careers in Adult and Continuing Education." Farmer. and Niemi will send a supply of these brochures to Apps so that he can distribute them upon request. The committee adjourned at 11:20 p.m., April 6, 1972. On Friday, April 7, Apps talked with Stan Grabowski from ERIC briefly. Stan said that he would keep us up to date on progress in the modification of the ERIC system. He had nothing further to report at this time.


{7:102:1330:I:396,720:1740,2064}Mr. Robert A. Carlson Continuing Education 214 Kirk Hall University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, Saskatchewan CANADA Dear Bob: The Executive Committee of the Commission of Professors met in Chicago, April 6 and we discussed in some depth your proposal. We were pleased with what you are planning and accept the proposal for transmittal to the Adult Education Association-USA for funding. We do, however, have one concern which needs to be cleared up before I transmit the proposal. This concern deals with page 3, section 5, paragraph B. I would like to modify paragraph B to read "The Commission of Professors of Adult Education will negotiate with the author if there are any royalties. The Commission will also negotiate with the author on the form of publication." Further, the Executive Committee suggested that you provide a progress report to the Executive Committee at the end of each year of the proposal. The Executive Committee will review the progress of the research each year and request funds from AEA-USA for the succeeding year of the proposal. This action was not felt to in any way restrict your research but was seen as something positive for both you and the Commission. For example, it may be necessary for the Commission to request additional funds beyond those you requested for a succeeding year. Let me hear from you as soon as possible if you are in agreement with these modifications. I very much want to get this proposal submitted and funded so that you can start work. Sincerely, JEROLD W. APPS Chairman


{7:102:1331:I:300,894:1797,1887} Mr. Alan B, Knox ' Department of Education, Room.276 . University of Illinois Urbana, Illinois 61801 Dear Alan: The Executive Committee of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education met in Chicago, April.6. One of the areas we discussed is the need for a monograph outlining a rationale for .the development of new adult education graduate programs. There are many new adult education graduate programs being developed throughout the country and many existing departments are modifying their programs. We are concerned that there are not sufficient guidelines to aid these people as they make curriculum decisions and as they work with university administrators to gain support money and positions. We are appointing you as chairman of a committee to work on this problem. The following Commission professors will be invited to serve on the committee--John Peters, Russ Kleis, Morton Gordon, Cy Houle and Virginia Griffin. We see this as an extremely important task and one in which we wish to give high priority. Our thought is that initially your committee may wish to deal with the identification of major questions that need to be answered. Then you may wish to poll professors to find out who may have answers. Russ Klein and John Peters will serve as liaison to the Executive Committee of the Commission. I hope you will accept this very important assignment. If you have any questions, please be sure to call or write.  Sincerely, JEROLD W. APPS,. Chairman


{7:102:1333:I:231,849:1746,1602} Mr. W.D. Dowling  Professor of Adult Education 1945 North High Street Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio 43210 . Dear Bill: Thank you for your recent letter expressing the concern for ways of supporting requests for additional personnel and program money in adult education graduate programs. At the last Executive Committee meeting of the Commission, we discussed your letter and felt that this issue was sufficiently important to appoint an ad hoc committee I have thus appointed a committee to be chaired by Alan Knox to deal with this question. If you have other specific comments about the problem, would you please get in touch with Alan (Department of Education, Room 276, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois 61801). We did not have an opportunity to discuss your question about placement service. We met from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and just didn't have time to cover all of the agenda items. I hope we can still get to this concern.  Sincerely, JEROLD W. APPS Chairman


{7:102:1334:I:183,1116:2130,1839}Dr. Gerald Apps Department of Agricultural Extension Education University of Wisconsin 208 Agriculture Hall . Madison, Wisconsin 53706 Dear Jerry: Could the Commission of Professors of Adult Education direct its attention to development of a statement of the need for professional training in the field? It seems to me that many deans and other decision makers in colleges of education need to support the requests for additional personnel which I feel will be necessary in the years ahead. What efforts has the Commission made in providing a placement service for its members? A young member of the Commission called me this morning about a position which I earlier thought we would have here at Ohio State. I felt ill equipped to assist him as he looks for another position and I thought perhaps the Commission might be able to provide some kind of assistance for him and others who are in similar positions. I hope you are enjoying your year as Chairman of the Commission and I look forward to seeing you next November in Minneapolis if not before. Please greet your colleagues for me. Sincerely, W. D. Dowling Professor of Adult Education




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