Samuel Robert Calthrop and Family Headstones

(All photos by Nancy Hiemstra)

Samuel Robert Calthrop's headstone

calthrop-samheadstone-2.JPGSam’s headstone is located in the southeast corner of section 48, Syracuse’s Oakwood-Morningside Cemetery. Here are the GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude): N 43 01.778 and W 76 08.022.

Samuel Calthrop's wife's (Elizabeth) headstone

calthrop-elizabethheadstone.JPG  Eliazbeth's headstone is located next to her husband's headstone.

Headstone of John Calthrop, Sam's brother, who lived with them for many years.

calthrop-johnheadstone.JPG John's headstone is near his brother's headstone.

Headstone of Edith Calthrop Bumb, daughter of Sam and Elizabeth, and lifelong member of May Memorial.

calthrop-edithbumpheadstone.JPG  It is located in section 48 of Oakwood-Morningside Cemetery, just east (one row) of Sam's headstone.

Headstone of Burton Bump, Edith's husband, and also a lifelong member of May Memorial.

calthrop-burtonbumpheadstone.JPG  It is located next to Edith's headstone.


August 23, 2008