Elmira College

Central New York Program

Course Requirements, Syllabi, and Worksheets

General Degree Requirements (6 credits)

EDU 5900 Research Methods & Materials (3) (SYLLABUS)

Capstone EDU 5999 Project/Thesis (3,6 credits**)

     or        AED 6000 Graduate Seminar: Adult Education (3) (SYLLABUS)

Program Requirements (18 credits)

CORE A (6 credits with AED 5000 or AED 5105 required)

AED 5000 Adult Education: Foundations of Practice (3) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5105 Contemporary Issues in Adult Education (3) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5230 Ethics and the Continuing Educator (3) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5270 Facilitating Learning Organizations (3) (SYLLABUS)

HUE 5630 Career Development (3)

PSY 5150 Organizational Psychology (3) (SYLLABUS)

CORE B (6 credits minimum)

AED 5071 Training of Trainers: Needs Assessment (1) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5072 Training of Trainers: Program Design and Evaluation (1) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5073 Training of Trainers: Learning Theory for trainers (1) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5100 Gerontology (SYLLABUS)

AED 5240 Adult Learning and Cognitive Styles  (3) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5250 Self-Directed and Individualized Adult Learning (3) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5260 Adult Learners with Special Needs (3) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5280 Women, Learning, and Leading in Adult Education (3) (SYLLABUS)

HUE 5623 Adult Development: Transitions (3) (SYLLABUS)

PSY 5112 Psychology of the Adult Learner (3) (SYLLABUS)

CORE C (6 credits minimum)

AED 5005 Administration in Adult Education Organizations  (3) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5020 Program Development and Evaluation (3) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5074 Training of Trainers: Characteristics of Adult Learners (1) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5075 Training of Trainers: Learning Environ. & Soc. Dynam. (1) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5076 Training of Trainers: Techniques for Teach. Adults (1) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5110 Techniques of Teaching Adult Literacy (3) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5220 Computer Mediated Distance Education (all participants must have a userid and be able to access the Internet and World Wide Web) (3) (SYLLABUS)

AED 5221 Computer Technology in Adult Education (all participants must have a userid and be able to access the Internet and World Wide Web) (3)(SYLLABUS)

AED 5290 Conference Planning and Management for Adult Learners (3) (SYLLABUS)

SPC 5110 Presentation Skills for the Professions (3) (SYLLABUS)

RELATED ELECTIVES (**12 credits or 9 credits if 6-credit Project/Thesis is approved)

Electives or up to six transfer credits are subject to approaval and/or advisor permission. See the graduate catalog for a listing of approved electives. For more information contact Dr. Hiemstra (315) 637-0029 (rhiemstra@elmira.edu) or Office of Continuing Education, Elmira College (607) 735-1825 (continuinged@elmira.edu).

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