Obviously, this is me (alias Robert Redford of Kalamazoo) with my scholarly look. Here I am rewriting the declaration of independence in Dutch. If I put it out over one of the electronic networks, that counts as a publication, doesn't it? By the way, check out the shirt. I still own and wear it and that picture is how old????

Here I am at the start (and finish) of my political career in November, 1977. There were six candidates for four positions. I came in "dead" last (is than an oxymoron when you are running for the hospital board). I know I voted for me and I "think" Janet did, too, but not many others. Left leaning even then. Oh well, probably just as good I stuck to being a professor.

But I am not always that serious. I can have fun too!

There is my serious ("I can't take 5 more minutes of this speech) look: Dr. Roger Hiemstra

And then, of course, there is the Alfred E. Newman look: ------------------------------->

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