The resources section provides you with a variety of materials from which you can pick and choose according to your interests and needs. The section is divided into parts. The first part, which contains nine units, includes various materials and examples that can be used with learners. The second part related to research and theory contains five units of information derived from current research on adult teaching and learning.

The first part presents a guide to practical applications related to individualizing instruction. It discusses some common concerns about the individualizing process. It describes alternative introduction techniques and several needs assessment techniques, it provides a sample course evaluation form and a sample instructor evaluation form, and it discusses several learning activity resources. This first part concludes with a discussion of how the individualizing process is used to train apprentice instructors and to develop graduate courses. It also provides some specific information on guiding the instruction of older learners.

The research and theory part provides in-depth information on several topics. It begins with a summary of the current thinking about two areas fundamental to the individualizing process--andragogy and self-directed learning. Literature and research on learning style differences and on needs assessment are included. The resource concludes with a summary of the latest information on the physical learning environment.


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