Roger Hiemstra

April, 2001

Following is a checklist for analyzing various aspects of the learning environment. Analyze the setting for a training, teaching, tutoring, our counseling session in terms of whether or not these concerns seem to exist.




___ Adequate lighting                 ___ Adjustable seats or alternative choices ___ Overt or subtle gender discrimination existing
___ Absence of glare ___ Adequate cushioning if devices used for long periods ___ Overt or subtle age discrimination existing
___ Lighting adequate for A/V ___ Can person's legs be and decorations crossed comfortably ___ Overt or subtle racial discrimination existing
___ Attractive/appropriate colors ___ Straight back and flat pan for people with back problems ___ Facilitators trained for age, race, and gender sensitivity
___ Adequate acoustics ___ Adequate sturdiness/size ___ Sociopetal discussion/seating relationships facilitted
___ Adequate sound amplification ___ Easily moved around ___ Knowledge of various cultures and associated histories incorporated into learning
___ Any noise to be reduced or eliminated ___ Seat height from floor ___ Women learners disempowered or devalued in any way
___ Temperature adequate for season of the year ___ Left handed learner provided for ___ Learners whose first language is not English given extra time, help, counseling
___ Adequate ventilation or air adequate conditioning ___ All ergonomic concerns addressed ___ Barriers related to various social issues (male domination, child care needs, etc.) addressed




___ Adequate table or writing space ___ Adequate access/egress to site for learners ___ Learners helped to become acquainted with each other
___ Can furnishing be rearranged for group work ___ Adequate signage to direct learners to appropriate sites ___ Learners helped to feel at ease and relaxed
___ Table space available for refreshments/resources ___ Lavatory/cafeteria/refreshment machines nearby ___ Special attention given to the very first encounter with learners
___ If sitting at tables can the learners cross their legs ___ Adequate parking nearby ___ Barriers learners may face addressed by facilitators
___ Can tables be arranged in square, circle, or U shape ___ Adequate lighting in parking area and building hallways ___ Barriers learners may face addressed by administrators
___ Absence of ragged or sharp edges on furnishings ___ Adequate space shape and size in learning site ___ Learners helped to take more control of own learning
___ Adequate sturdiness for all furnishings ___ Breakout rooms/areas available if needed ___ Facilitators trained in adult learning literature and theory
___ Can learners see each other okay when seated ___ Does the learning site have flexibility ___ Facilitators trained in adult teaching techniques and theory