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Box 1, Folder 6, Set 1/8.




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{7:97:1231:I:135,543:1818,2514}January 5, 1972 Miss M. Josephine Flaherty Department of Adult Education Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 252 Bloor Street West Toronto 181, Ontario, CANADA Dear Josephine: Thank you for accepting the chairmanship for the Membership Committee for the Commission of Professors of Adult Education. Enclosed are the forms which I used last year. You will obviously have to change the one which directs prospective members to return material to me. Also feel free to revise the materials in any way you would like. I am asking Gale Jensen to continue on the committee and I am also asking Charles Aiken from Mississippi State University to be the third member of the committee. The procedure that I followed last year which seemed to work quite well was from me as chairman to send out application forms and information sheets to potential members who requested them. When the application forms were returned, I checked to see that they met the requirements and if they did, sent a copy of the application form to the chairman of the Commission. The chairman of the Commission then wrote a letter to the new member advising him of his admission. The only time I consulted the other two members of the committee, is if there was some question. I am sure .you will also as chairman of the committee want to look at some of the broader membership questions. 1. Do we in some way wish to recruit members for the Commission? In other words, should we be sending information to the various colleges and universities that have potential members. I am sure there are a large number of professors who are not now members of the Commission but are eligible. 2. Do we want to consider various levels of membership? In other words, should there be a category for retired members? Should there be a category for those professors who teach one course or so in adult education and thus do not meet requirements for full membership?


{7:97:1232:I:228,201:1833,1566}Miss Flaherty 2 ¸. January 5, 1972 3. Do we want to do further work to eliminate from the membership roles those people who neither participate in any of our meetings nor make any other contributions to the Commission. I realize this is a delicate issue. Bill Griffith last year, you will recall, asked people who wished to continue on the list to so indicate. These are but a few questions.. I am sure you and your membership committee will have others you will want to consider. Again, thank you for accepting the chairmanship. Sincerely, JEROLD W. APPS, Chairman Commission of Professors of Adult Education JWA/dlu CC: Gale Jensen Charles Aiken P.S. Enclosed is an application form from Norvel L. R. Lee for your consideration.


{7:97:1233:I:168,561:1857,2103}January 5, 1972 Mr. Gale E. Jensen School of Education Room 2022 University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 Dear Gale: I am trying to get the new Membership Committee of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education organized. Josephine Flaherty, who served on the committee last year, has agreed to be chairman. Would you agree to continue to serve on the committee? You will recall, that the committee members, other than the chairman, are involved only when there is some question about the membership qualifications of a particular candidate and of course the committee members will also deal with broader membership questions. Can I hear from you soon. Sincerely, JEROLD W. APPS, Chairman Commission of Professors of Adult Education JWA/dlu CC: M. Josephine Flaherty


{7:97:1234:I:186,489:1710,2001}January 5, 1972 Mr. Charles R. Aiken Professor and Head Extension Education P. 0. Box 5406 Mississippi State University State College, Mississippi 39762 Dear Chuck: I am organizing the Membership Committee for the Commission of Professors of Adult Education. Josephine Flaherty from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education will be the chairman of the committee. Gale Jensen from the University of Michigan has agreed to serve on the committee. Would you agree to serve as the third member? The committee functions in such a way that the chairman is responsible for the routine operations and that other committee members are only involved when there is some question about membership qualifications. Of course, committee members are also involved with dealing with broader membership questions. Can I hear from you soon. Sincerely, . JEROLD W. APPS, Chairman Commission of Professors of Adult Education


{7:97:1241:I:366,735:1980,2076}January 5, 1972 Professor Gerald Apps Department of Agriculture and Extension Education 208 Agriculture Hall The University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin 53706 Dear Professor Apps: On p. 5 of the minutes of the annual meeting of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education, held November 3-5, 1971, reference is made to a report on a pamphlet series, presented by Professor Peters. According to the minutes, "Peters... proposed a monograph series to be published to fill some of the gaps left by the discontinuance of CSLEA. . . The Committee. . . asked that the Executive Committee appoint a new committee to study further the possibility of developing such a monograph series." You know, of course, that SU Publications in Continuing Education was established to fill those very gaps referred to. We hope it is clear to all members of the Commission of Professors that we eagerly invite submission of manuscripts for possible publication in our series. While I appreciate the desire to provide another outlet for publication, I would suggest that persons in the field are not making optimum use of this outlet (SUPCE) already in existence. We stand very ready to cooperate with Professors seeking outlets for publication, and to assist members of your new committee whenever possible. I enclose a recent catalogue. Very sincerely, Doris S. Chertow, editor


{7:97:1242:I:267,201:2079,948}-2- 3) No one of Notes and Essays 59-71, all published since SUPCE's inception, is a literature review. Four of our eight Occasional Papers were published jointly with ERIC/AE, and are therefore literature reviews. SUPCE chose to issue, these because we felt mass media, community service, the disadvantaged adult, and Ivan Illich were subject of broad interest. Please let me know if you would like copies of our catalogue for distribution to your members. We welcome further inquiries. Very sincerely, Doris S. Chertow, editor


{7:97:1243:I:315,438:2067,2316}SYRACUSE UNIVERSTTY PUBLICATIONS IN CONTINUING EDUCATION Policy Statement Nature of Program- Syracuse University Publications in Continuing Education serves as a publishing outlet for quality studies in the field of higher adult education. Manuscripts considered for publication may be philosophical, or theoretical in content, or consist of reports on activities or research in the field of continuing education. Funding: 1) SUPCE furnishes funds for editing, printing, and distributing manuscripts accepted for publication. 2) Where research funding is sought, the Editor of Publications in Continuing Education will aid potential contributors in soliciting assistance from appropriate sources. 3) The Editor may negotiate to pay some extraordinary travel or other expenses deemed necessary for completion of reports accepted for publication. 4) Exceptions to the above procedures may be allowed in unusual circumstances with the advice and approval of the Vice-President for Continuing Education. Conference Publications: Where SUPCE agrees to consider publication of papers presented at conferences related to continuing education, a commitment should be received from each of the persons presenting papers to adhere to standards and rules established by SUPCE. Rules for Authors 1) Authors agree to submit to the Editor within a reasonable time period a manuscript meeting accepted standards of scholarship, and to cooperate in incorporating editorial changes suggested by the Editor and or her qualified advisors. 2) Manuscripts should be double-spaced and submitted in duplicate to the Editor, 105 Roney Lane, Syracuse, N.Y. 13210. The preferred length for monographs in the Notes and Essays series is 30-40,000 words, Occasional Papers may be shorter. 3) All of its published works, unless otherwise prohibited, are copyrighted by SUPCE. Authors are expected to sign a contract form covering the publisher’s and author's literary rights.





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