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Commission of Professors of Adult Education [CPAE].


Records, 1953-1984, 1960-1983 (bulk).






Includes article, "The 1971 prospective professors of educational administration," by James F. McNamara.


Organizational Records.


Correspondence, January-December, 1971.


December 1-15, 1971.













Educational administration.


Apps, Jerold W.

Griffith, William S.

McNamara, James F.







Box 1, Folder 5, Set 8/9.




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{7:95:1195:I:219,681:2118,2181}Dr. Gerald Apps Department of Agricultural and Extension Education University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin 53706 Dear Gerry: Once again, congratulations on being elected chairman of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education. Since this years' meeting is fresh in mind, and I wish to make a suggestion concerning next years' meeting, and since it is to be in Minneapolis, and since my predecessor here, Ken Gordon, is now at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, I thought I would include a copy to him. My suggestion concerns the facilities, and their location in relation to the rest of the conference. Since some of the professors have responsibilities in the AEA for committee meetings on the last day of the professor's meeting, it would seem that if the professor's meeting and the AEA meeting were within a few minutes of each other, more professors would be able to take part in the professor's meeting for longer periods of time, rather than having to leave and miss a great deal. Therefore I suggest that the two locations be as close together as possible. My other suggestion involves the meeting room facilities for the professor's meeting. If we will again, next year, subdivide into two groups for certain sessions, each room should be big enough and the chairs and tables flexible enough so as to be able to get in a circle and see each other. A circle to include thirty or forty people is a fairly large circle. Thank you for listening me. Hopefully, Ken Gordon and other commission members in the Twin Cities can help make the arrangements next year. If I can help in some way, please don't hesitate to call on me. God be with you! SHALOM! John E. Gaus Assistant Professor of Adult Education


{7:95:1196:I:162,468:1875,2436}December 1, 1971 Dr. William S. Griffith Associate Professor Department of Education 5835 Kimbark Avenue University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois 60637 Dear Bill: Thank you very much for sending the Commission files. I have just had a chance to go through them and have a number of questions. 1. Have you notified the President of AEA of my selection as Commission chairman? I noticed in reviewing the files that there is some sort of formality that the Executive Committee of AEA goes through before the Commission chairman is approved. 2. Are there any scheduled meetings during the coming year that you know of and which I should attend as Commission chairman? 3. How do I go about getting new Commission stationery? 4. I believe you mentioned there was some expense money for the chairman of the Commission. How much is there and for what can this be used, and how do I get it? 5. Do you have any further information on how Commission projects can be financed from the $5000.00 AEA has ear-marked for us. I did find in the files a tentative guideline for proposals. Is this the one we should follow? 6. I will certainly include you as a member of the Theory Building Committee. What other members would you suggest for this committee and would you consider serving as its chairman? 7. Do you have a list of the 1971 committee members for the various Commission committees? I couldn't find such a list in the materials you sent. 8. Can I assume from the copy of a letter that I saw, that I can announce to the membership your opportunity to spend September 1972 to June 1973 in Australia along with a few details on the Fulbright program?


{7:95:1197:I:204,129:1944,906} Dr. William S. Griffith 2 December 1, 1971 9. Based on your two years experience as chairman, I would certainly appreciate any comments that you have about what you feel the Commission ought to be doing and secondly, the role you see the chairman of the Commission planning. Thanks much for your help. Sincerely, JEROLD W. APPS, Professor Chairman, Commission of Professors of Adult Education


{7:95:1199:I:210,711:2082,1977}November 23, 1971 Jerry Apps, Chairman Commission of the Professors of Adult Education 208 Agriculture Hall Campus Dear Jerry: First, congratulations on your appointment as Chairman of the Commission. I'm certain you'll do an excellent job. We are very proud of you here at Wisconsin for this assignment and will do everything we can to help. One of the things that occurred to me at the Los Angeles meetings was that we had better consider the preparation of a document or statement which could be used as a. guide for adequate quality in the development of graduate programs at the Masters and Doctors' levels. I was somewhat startled at the increased number of graduate programs for example in the southeast area. At the Master's level with clear definition of purpose and goal I'm not as concerned but we certainly cannot maintain a high quality in a massive expansion of graduate programs at the doctorate level. I know such a statement would be extremely difficult to prepare but I think the Executive Committee might wish to explore some kind of beginning on this. Sincerely, Wilson B. Thiede Professor of Adult Education


{7:95:1201:I:225,156:2079,2679}THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 5835 KIMBARK AVENUE CHICAGO ILLINOIS 60637 December 6, 1971 Dr. Jerold W. Apps, Chairman Commission of the Professors of Adult Education 208 Agricultural Hall The University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin 53706 Dear Jerry: In response to your 9 point letter of December 1, I offer the following: 1. I have notified the AEA Washington Office of your election and of the current composition of the Executive Committee. Now I will follow this letter immediately with a letter to Al Storey giving him the same information so that all bases will have been touched. 2. To my knowledge there are no meetings which the Chairman of the Commission is expected to attend other than those meetings he calls of the Executive Committee or of the entire Commission. 3. You get new stationery by asking Charles Wood at the AEA headquarters to order it for you - at least this is the way I worked it out with Jules Pagano. Prior to that time the Commission never had its own stationery. I would urge that you avoid having the national headquarters address any place on the stationery because inevitably some people will write to you at the Washington address which only causes avoidable delays. Tell Charles Wood how many envelopes and first pages you need and he will handle it for you. 4. The AEA makes $100 per year available to cover all Commission expenses.. More than this amount is used up in preparing, duplicating and mailing minutes and memos.  You can decide how you feel that amount should be spent and the AEA headquarters will honor your decision. 5. I believe we should follow whatever format seems to make the most sense in submitting any proposals to the AEA Board. I have no information on the proposal process than that which you found in the material I sent to you.


{7:95:1202:I:336,195:2022,2820}Dr. Jerold W. Apps 2. December 6, 1971 6. Yes, I would be happy to serve as chairman of the theory building committee for the Commission. I will be happy to consider other members and suggest names to you in a later letter. Off hand, I suggest that the committee should include Howard McClusky, Robert Boyd, James Thornton, John Niemi, James Farmer and Jack Mezirow. 7. The most complete list of members of the Committees is that found in the meeting minutes. No separate list exists. I emphasized the role of the chairman of each committee and told each one I would appoint additional members on his request, or as I felt the need to do so. Accordingly the committee structure has been fluid (if not downright chaotic). 8. I have been offered a Fulbright-Hayes senior scholar research grant to spend September, 1972 through May, 1973 in Australia studying the financing and coordination of adult education institutions in Australia. The University of Chicago has not yet had time to either approve or deny, my request for leave. 9. Your last question is so complex I shall beg off answering it in this letter because it will require several hours' thought to respond adequately and I felt you wanted the answers to the other questions as soon as I could get them to you. I will repeat what I have already told you and that is I am pleased that the Commission made such an excellent choice for its chairman when it elected you. As you know, I respect your judgment - even when you come to a conclusion which I could not. Accordingly we all hope that you will attempt to carry out the ideas you expressed in Los Angeles before the election now that you are in a position which will make it just a bit easier for people to perceive the wisdom in what you say. So, my most important advice is to pursue those goals which you feel strongly about and on which you and your executive committee can reach agreement. You can count on my offering advice, both solicited and unsolicited, from time to time when I think I have something worth suggesting. Best wishes for a productive and satisfying term as chairman. Sincerely yours, William S. Griffith Associate Professor


{7:95:1203:I:141,447:2034,2112} December 7, 1971 Miss M. Josephine Flaherty Department of Adult Education 252 Bloor Street West Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Toronto, Ontario CANADA Dear Josephine: I am trying to get committees organized for the Commission of Professors of Adult Education for the coming year. Would you consent to become chairman of the Membership Committee; the position that I held last year. I am sure you are acquainted with the procedures that we follow. For the most part, it is quite automatic. You send out applications and information to prospective members. They return the application form and if it meets the criteria for membership, you advise me as chairman and I inform the new member of his acceptance. When there is any question about the acceptance of a member, the other two members of the committee are consulted. I have not contacted Gale Jensen to see if he would consent to continue as a member nor have I appointed a third member. I am waiting to hear your reaction to becoming chairman before I move further. Can you let me know soon. Sincerely, JEROLD W. APPS, Chairman Commission of Professors of Adult Education





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