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The Adult Education History Project

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Commission of Professors of Adult Education [CPAE].


Records, 1953-1984, 1960-1983 (bulk).






Includes Archive Committee recommendation and part-time professors of adult education.


Organizational Records.


Correspondence, January-December, 1971.


November, 1971.















Apps, Jerold W.

Carlson, Robert A.

Griffith, William S.



Annual Meeting of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education [CPAE] (1971: Los Angeles, CA).





Box 1, Folder 5, Set 7/9.




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{7:94:1171:I:246,495:2109,2031}November 9, 1971 Dr. Jack Culbertson University Council for Educational Administration 29 West Woodruff Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43210 Dear Jack: I am enclosing a copy of a report to the Commission of the Professors of Adult Education regarding the adult education simulation materials. I believe that the report is self explanatory and brings to conclusion a long and most exasperating task. The Commission of the Professors of Adult Education accepted this report at its annual meeting in El Segundo, California on Friday, November 5, 1971. Professor Dobbs and I appreciate the cooperation which you and the staff of UCEA have given us, and we look to a continuing and cooperative relationship in the preparation of leaders for educational administration. I would appreciate it if you would return the simulation materials to me for my files. Sincerely, Dr. Eugene E. DuBois Associate Professor of Education cc: Dr. William Griffith Dr. Ralph Dobbs


{7:94:1176:I:222,597:2004,2169}November 11, 1971 Dr. Jerold W. Apps Department of Agriculture & Extension Education The University of Wisconsin 208 Agriculture Hall Madison, Wisconsin 53706 Dear Jerry: I was very pleased that the nominating committee tapped you for the post of chairman of the Commission for 1971-72. I know of no one else I would rather see holding the reins at this important period in the life of the Commission. Thank you for your conscientious work as chairman of the membership committee. John Gaus was very gracious in accepting my apology for goofing up his membership status. I will be mailing you a bundle of material soon which will contain everything of value I received from Burt Kreitlow when he turned over the chairmanship to me in 1969. I should like to volunteer for the theory building committee if you name one and would be happy to suggest additional names should you want them. Good luck to you as you furnish the leadership and sense of direction which is so vital to the health and growth of the Commission. Sincerely yours, William S. Griffith Ex-Chairman


{7:94:1177:I:201,525:1965,2247}November 16, 1971 Mr. J. C. Dakin Director of University Extension Victoria University of Wellington P.O. Box 2945 Wellington, NEW ZEALAND Dear Jim: Thank you for your thoughtful letter of October 22 and the interesting enclosure which accompanied it. I received a letter on Friday, November 12, from the Australian American Education Foundation informing me that its officers had endorsed my application and had transmitted it to the Australian national department of state for final clearance. Accordingly I am beginning to feel that the chances are quite good that I will have the opportunity to spend September, 1972 to June, 1973 in Australia. I believe that it would be highly desirable to bring the New Zealand opportunity to the attention of all of the members of the Commission of the Professors of Adult Education for surely among the 133 members there must be quite a few who would be interested in applying for Fulbright support to enable them to avail themselves of this opportunity. Accordingly, I am sending the enclosure which I received from you on to our newly elected Commission chairman, Jerold Apps, who will be happy to alert the professors to this and other possibilities. My wife and I are still very much interested in spending several months in New Zealand even though it appears that the Australian trip will consume all of our resources of time and money in 1972-73. Nevertheless we shall keep your program in mind and surely will eventually be able to take advantage of your thoughtful assistance. I will let you know when a definite commitment has been made and I hope that we will be able to travel to Sydney via New Zealand, stopping for a few days en route.


{7:94:1178:I:219,240:1836,888}Mr. J. C. Dakin November 16, 1971 Page 2 Best regards to you and Mrs. Dakin, whom we hope to see next year. Sincerely yours, William S. Griffith Associate Professor WSG/df cc: Jerold Apps w/enc.


{7:94:1179:I:144,438:2103,2538}November 24, 1971 (Dictated Nov. 20/71) Dr. Robert A. Carlson Department Of Continuing Education The University of Saskatchewan 214 Kirk Hall Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Dear Bob: I am sending you my files pertaining to the Archives Committee of The Commission of Professors of Adult Education. Here are some of my suggestions for further action: 1. Request Jerry Apps as the new chairman of the Commission to write a formal letter to Mrs. B. J. Vaughn in Syracuse formally asking that Library to become the official repository for the archives of the Commission. 2. Obtain the names of the new members of the Archives Committee, in addition to Malcolm Knowles and myself. I believe that at the Commission meeting there were a number of people who indicated an interest in this. The recorder for that session should have these names. 3. In the general correspondence which I have had with members of the Commission, reference is frequently made to contacting Ex-Chairmen of the Commission to obtain archive materials etc. It might be that one of the first tasks to be done by the Syracuse Library would be to complete a chronology of the names of Chairmen (as well as the places where the Commission not during its Annual Meeting) so that these persons may be contacted for further inquiries about archive materials. 4. I understand from the discussions at our business meeting in Los Angeles that the AEA will accept applications for projects to be funded. It might be that the Archives Committee would want to write a proposal which would cover the costs required to have a graduate student (one or more) do some historical research on the Commission. You might also want to explore with Mrs. Vaughn about the costs (other than those which her library can absorb) which would be required to collect the archives of the Commission. It might be that in some cases there will be duplicating and other services required. Bill Griffith probably could give you more details about the kind of


{7:94:1180:I:87,111:2244,1812}- 2 - November 24, 1971 projects which AEA are willing to fund, also the procedure for making application for funds. 5. Apart from attempting to raise funds, interest a graduate student in doing a historical thesis, assisting the Syracuse Library in obtaining archive materials, the Archives Committee might also want to recommend at the 1972 meeting of the Commission a policy for collecting archives (i.e., procedure and timing for depositing archive materials with the Syracuse Library). No doubt Malcolm and other members of the Committee might be able to make suggestions of other tasks which the Committee should try to accomplish during the next year. Perhaps this would be part of your first correspondence with members of the Committee. I leave things in your good hands. Please let me know if  I can help in any way, since I do want to remain a member of the Committee. Yours sincerely, James A. Draper Assistant Professor JAD/jb Department of Adult Education Encls.


{7:94:1184:I:114,189:1998,2655}November 1971. Recommendations from the Commission Archive Committee 1. That the Library of Continuing Education at Syracuse University be asked to become the central repository for the archives of the Commission. (Note: The Library at Syracuse has agreed to take on this function if formally requested by the Commission to do so. - see Appendix B). 2. That persons in possession of Commission archive materials be encouraged to assist the Library of Continuing Education in its work (at least to the point of lending personal collections for photocopying). 3. That consideration be given to having a history written of the Commission. In this regard, it is suggested that one or more graduate students be encouraged to do their thesis work on the history of the Commission. Note: The Library of Continuing Education has agreed to offer its resources for such purposes.) 4. That attempts be made to obtain money to assist the Library of Continuing Education in its work to complete its collection of Commission archive materials, and to obtain money to assist with the writing of the history of the Commission. 5. That the Archive Committee continue its activities for another term, (until the 1972 meeting of the Commission, at which time its function will be re-examined). Other members of the Commission are invited to become members on the Archive Committee. During its 1971-72 term, the Committee should focus on a) assisting the Library of Continuing Education complete its set of archive material; b) seek funds for doing (a) and for the support of a scholar to write a history of the Commission; c) try and find a student who will do his thesis on the history of the Commission (assisting, if possible, with the selection of a thesis committee and drafting a research proposal, etc.). Submitted by: Robert A. Carlson, James A. Draper (Chairman) Malcolm S. Knowles


{7:94:1185:I:120,2249:2157,2472}addresses is enclosed for your use. Having concluded my second year as Chairman of the Commission, I want to express my appreciation to each member who has made a contribution to the work of the Commission during 1969-71. Because of your efforts I feel certain that we have strengthened the Commission and significantly increased its capacity to lead and to render service of many kinds to our emerging field. WSG:dw Enclosure


{7:94:1186:I:123,243:2205,2193} REPORT TO THE COMMISSION 0F PROFESSORS OF ADULT EDUCATION Re: Special Meeting for Part-Time Professors of Adult Education In November, 1970, I was appointed Chairman of a group to plan a Special Meeting for part-time professors of adult education. The other members of the group were Alan Knox, Jack Mezirow, Malcolm Knowles, Russell Kleis, and Wayne Schroeder. I sought the views of the group by mail. The final program, which was put together with assistance from a number of Commission members, is attached. Also, an initial list of part-time professors of adult education has been compiled. It, too, is attached. I feel strongly that this Committee should be retained and that the work begun this year should be expanded. I realize, however, that we might change direction on the basis of discussions that will take place at the Special Meeting on Sunday, November 7. Dr. John A. Niemi Associate Professor of Adult Education University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada


{7:94:1187:I:99,282:2265,2028}SPECIAL MEETING OF THE COMMISSION OF PROFESSORS FOR PART-TIME PROFESSORS OF ADULT EDUCATION Sunday, November 7, 1971 (2.00-4.30 p.m.) "Where We Are, How We Got There, Changes Dr. Howard Y. McClusky That I See: The Development of the Professor of Adult Education Commission of Professors of Adult Ann Arbor, Michigan Education" "Alternative Starting Points for Dr. Virginia Griffin Organizing a Graduate Program in Professor of Adult Education Adult Education" O.I.S.E., Toronto, Canada "A Higher Educational Institute for Dr. Alton P. Hadlock Teacher Training in Adult Education" Professor of Adult Education University of Utah Salt Lake City, Utah "The Growth of Graduate Programs in Dr. Charles Kozoll Adult Education in the Southeast" Associate Project Director, ABE Southern Regional Educational Board Atlanta, Georgia


{7:94:1188:I:84,180:2226,2682}PART-TIME PROFESSORS OF ADULT EDUCATION. Dr. Jack Alford, Dr. Tom Dahle, Division of Adult Education, Adult Education, Aven-Nelson Building, Education Annex, University of Wyoming, University of Oregon, Laramie, WYOMING. Eugene, OREGON 97403. Mr. Robert Blakely, Dr. Robert J. Dollar, 5418 South Blackstone Avenue, Professor of Higher & Adult Education, Chicago, ILLINOIS 60615. University of Missouri-Columbia, 301A Hill Hall, Columbia, MISSOURI 65201. Professor James Bromley, School of Education, University of Rhode Island, Dr. L.A. Doyle, Kingston, RHODE ISLAND 02881. Associate Director, Continuing Education Service, Michigan State University, Dr. Melvin Buschman, East Lansing, MICHIGAN 48823. Assistant Director, Continuing Education Service, Michigan State University, Mr. Gene Flanagan, East Lansing, MICHIGAN 48823. Principal, Sheepshead Bay Youth and Adult Center, 9269 Shore Road, Dr. Charles F. Caskey, Brooklyn, NEW YORK. P.O. Box 200, Salt Lake City, UTAH 84110. Mr. Elmer Fleming, Principal, Forest Hills Youth and Adult Center, Dr. John Christopher, 120-32 De Krief Place, Division of Adult Education, Bronx, NEW YORK 10475. Aven-Nelson Building, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WYOMING. Mrs. Florence Greenberg, Super. Fundamental Adult Education, Board of Education, Dr. Webster Cotton, 110 Livingston Street, Dept. of Educational Foundations, Brooklyn, NEW YORK. California State College at L.A., 5151 State College Drive, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA 90032. Dr. Arden Groletschulen, School of Education, University of Illinois, Dr. George Crothers, Urbana, ILLINOIS. CBS News, 524 West 57 Street, New York, N.Y.


{7:94:1189:I:75,234:2208,2916}Dr. Earl Harmer, Professor Isabella McQuesten, College of Education, Coordinator, Adult Education, Milton Bennion Hall, 200 Batcheller Hall, OSU, University of Utah, Corvallis, OREGON 97331. Salt Lake City, UTAH 84112. Dr. Floyd G. Parker, Assistant Director, Dr. Shizuko N. Harry, Continuing Education Service, P.O. Box 200, Michigan State University, Salt Lake City, East Lansing, MICHIGAN 48823. UTAH 84110. Dr. Lee Porter, Dr. Stephen P. Hencley, 101 Reid Hall, College of Education, University College, Milton Bennion Hall, Syracuse, NEW YORK 13202. University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UTAH 84112. Dr. Hilton Power, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WYOMING. Dr. Armand L. Hunter, Director, Continuing Education Service, Michigan State University, Dr. George P. Rowe, East Lansing, MICHIGAN 48823. Associate Professor, Extension Education, University of Missouri-Columbia, Dean Ben Jordan, 222 Whitten Hall, Urban Extension, Columbia, MISSOURI 65201. Wayne State University, Detroit, MICHIGAN. Dr. Maurice Seay, Acting Dean, Mrs. Eileen Lineberry, School of Education, Director, Western Michigan University, Continuing Education for Women, Kalamazoo, MICHIGAN. University of Missouri-Columbia, 217 Whitten Hall, Columbia, MISSOURI 65201. Mr. David F. Shantz, Coordinator, Youth & Adult Programs, University of Rhode Island, Dr. Robert Mason, Kingston, RHODE ISLAND 02881. Associate Professor, School of Education, Northern Illinois University, Mr. Ben Shiveley, Dekalb, ILLINOIS. School of Education, Ball State University, Muncie, INDIANA. Dr. Jack Minzey, Professor of Community Education, Eastern Michigan University, Dr. Clive Veri, Ypsilanti, MICHIGAN. Assistant Dean, Extension Division, University of Missouri-St. Louis, 8001 Natural Bridge Road, St. Louis, MISSOURI 63121.


{7:94:1190:I:174,276:1917,2904}Miss Ginger Wansley, Dr. Clifford Winters, P.O. Box 200, 300 Administration Building, Salt Lake City, Syracuse University, UTAH 84110. Syracuse, NEW YORK 13210. Professor Richard Whinfield, Dr. Jane Zahn, School of Education, San Francisco State College, University of Connecticut, San Francisco, Storrs, CONNECTICUT 06268. CALIFORNIA. Mr. Keith Wilson, Mr. Warren Ziegler, P.O. Box 200, 1206 Harrison Street, Salt Lake City, Syracuse, NEW YORK 13210. UTAH 84110. Professor Donald Z. Woods, General Extension Division, Dr. Ken Beck, University of Minnesota, Department of Adult Education, 155 Nicholson Hall, The Ontario Institute for Studies Minneapolis, Minn. 55455. in Education, 252 Bloor Street West, Dr. Gwenna Moss, Toronto 5, Ont. Extension Division, University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Wanda Hole, Saskatoon, Sask. College of Education, Arizona State University, Dr. Brock Whale, Tempe, Arizona 85281 Extension Division, University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Mairi MacDonald, Saskatoon, Sask. Dept. of Adult Education, Mr. Bob Brack, The Ontario Institute for Studies in Extension Division, Education, University of Saskatchewan, 252 Bloor Street West, Saskatoon, Sask. Toronto 5, Ont. Dr. Harold Baker, Prof. G.D. McGrath, Extension Division, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan, Arizona State University, Saskatoon, Sask. Tempe, Arizona 85281 Mr. Charlie McCleary, Extension Division, University of Saskatchewan, Prof. Roy Rice, Saskatoon, Sask. College of Education, Arizona State University, Dr. Glen Farrell, Tempe, Arizona 85281 Extension Division, University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Harvey Silver, Saskatoon, Sask. Dept. of Adult Education, The Ontario Institute for Studies in Dr. Dan Sydiaha, Education, Psychology Department, 252 Bloor Street West, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask.


{7:94:1191:I:309,273:780,564}Pat Adams, Extension Division, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask. Mr. Cliff Ratzlaff Ed. Psychology Dept., University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask.





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