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Box 1, Folder 4, Set 2/6.




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{7:83:980:I:0,0:2544,3300} The University of Michigan Extension Service 412 Maynard Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 Telephone: 764-5300 EVERETT J. SOOP, Director ALFRED W. STOREY, Associate Director April 2, 1970  To: Chairmen of AEA-USA Committees, Commissions, Councils, and Special Interest Sections  From: A. W. Storey, Chairman Resolutions Committee Subject: Your Active Participation Sometimes the most tangible and effective outcome of a conference is a resolution. Resolutions tend to identify an organization's stand or position with regard to a given issue. During the last year, several resolutions adopted by the AEA-USA and by the NUEA are having marked effect upon continuing and adult education in this country. As Chairman of your Committee, Commission, Council, or Special Interest Section, I hope you will give serious consideration to the possibility of preparing a resolution for our Atlanta Meeting in October. This should be done if you have something of significance to bring before the total organization. Please consider developing your resolution prior to the conference and getting it in the hands of a member of the Resolutions Committee (listed below) in sufficient time so that it may be given serious consideration. A flurry of "last minute" resolutions presented to the Resolutions Committee an hour before the final Delegate Assembly are sometimes lost because of insufficient time to prepare them for presentation to the entire body. It is hoped that your resolutions will come to a member of the Committee prior to the Atlanta Conference. Your cooperation and your support for effective, meaningful, and "in good time" resolutions are earnestly sought. AWS:vs CC: Resolutions Committee Members Edgar J. Boone, North Carolina State University Jean W. Scheel, Oregon State University Leonard P. Aries, The National Conference of Christians and Jews, Inc. Evelyn Zuk Joseph Paige, Federal City College Alfred W. Storey, (Chairman) University of Michigan cc: George Aker Ray Ast Betty Ward Charles B. Wood Glenn Jensen Jules Pagano


{7:83:981:I:0,0:2544,3300} The University of Michigan Extension Service 412 Maynard Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 Telephone: 764-5300 EVERETT J. SOOP, Director ALFRED W. STOREY, Associate Director April 8, 1970 To: Chairmen of AEA-USA Sections, Commissions, Committees and Councils and Presidents of State, Regional and other Adult Education Associations From: A. W. Storey, Vice-President On Tuesday, December 9, 1969, in the Empire Room of the Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D. C., the Delegate Assembly of the AEA-USA voted the following specific action of program implementation: "That the paper, 'Imperatives for Action', become the basis for preparing position papers for the consideration of the Association during 1970." George Aker, Ray Ast and Jules Pagano have provided good leadership and ample thrust to get us to move to action to implement the new direction for AEA-USA. The purpose of this memo is to suggest that we capture in a position paper the special focus your unit is giving to one or more of the Imperatives for Action. The procedure could be like this: 1. Organize a task force within your section, commission, committee or council to develop a position paper by our October Annual Conference. 2. The task force members could work primarily through correspondence. 3. The position papers would be deposited with ERIC/AE and disseminated widely through its system. 4. Hopefully, the best of such position papers would be published in Adult Leadership, through a series of AEA monographs, or through some other means. The development of these position papers would be tied closely to the major thrusts of your unit's activities this year. You would be exercising a leadership role in response to Action Resolutions passed at the Galaxy Conference. This paper would be one of your tangible achievements between now and our Annual Conference in October.


{7:83:982:I:171,111:2070,1551} -2- Do you have questions? Do you have a copy of the "Imperatives for Action"? Will you please let me know what action you are willing to take? President George Aker concluded a letter to me on this subject in this way: "This represents my major ideas as to how the entire Association may make a positive contribution and impact through the literature of the field in helping to start processes and procedures which will implement the goals and directions which adult education should take in accordance with the imperatives of our times." Let me know if I can be of help to you. AWS:vs CC: George Aker Ray Ast Glenn Jensen Karl Keyes Nicholas Mitchell Jules Pagano Olivia Stokes Betty Ward Charles Wood


{7:83:985:I:285,912:1944,1677}Dr. Bill Griffith Adult Education Department University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois Dear Bill: Dr. Curtis Ulmer, Chairman of our department, has requested that I serve as the liaison with the Commission of Professors of Adult Education to assist in the planning of our annual meeting. Accordingly, I have checked at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education concerning possible meeting space and lodging facilities for the meeting prior to the AEA meeting in Atlanta, October 26-30. I have been advised that the Center is already booked up for the weekend preceding the AEA meeting. Therefore, it does not appear that it will be possible for the Commission to meet in Athens. We are very unhappy about this development. However, it appears, it may be best since many of the professors did not appear to be overly eager to face possible transportation difficulties that may have been required if the meeting were conducted here. If the meeting is to be moved to another location in Georgia, I

will be glad to be of whatever assistance that I can. However, I shall await word from you before taking any additional action. Huey B. Long Associate Professor





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