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Box 1, Folder 3, Set 1/3.




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{7:79:900:I:0,0:2544,3300} Department of Adult Education. January 15th, 1969. Memo to: George Aker, William Griffith, and Burton Kreitlow From: Allen Tough. You probably remember my memo of November 23rd regarding the possibility of one or more sessions for students at the annual AEA meeting. I am enclosing a copy of that memo, and a copy of the two replies that I received. It now seems best for us to take the following steps. 1. Each of us should ask some of the students at our own university whether they think the idea makes sense. We would probably give them a copy of my memo and of the replies to it. 2. Each of us would make it plain at this point that we are leaving the picture: the rest (if anything) is up to the students. 3. If interested, the students at your university would then choose one representative to an informal planning group. This should be someone who plans to attend the National Seminar on Adult Education Research here next month, because this seems to be the logical time for the four students to get together. 4. When registering at the Seminar, each of these four student representatives would tell Mrs. Annemarie Travers that he is the representative from his university. She will record the four names. Then, late Sunday afternoon or first thing Monday morning, the students can find out from her who the other students are, and can get together to arrange a time to meet. For example, the four students might meet at lunch on Monday, or sometime during the afternoon on Monday, or Monday evening, or sometime on Tuesday. I keep saying "four" students on the assumption that the students at all four universities will be interested, but of course it may actually only be three or even two students. There is no need to reply to this memo, and I do not plan to take any further action except to take step No. 1 at my own institution. We will simply wait and see how many student representatives show up. Although I agree with both George and Bill that the matter should now be handled entirely by students, I also assume that we would be willing to help them if they have some specific problem or request.


{7:79:901:I:0,0:2544,3300}COMMISSION OF THE PROFESSORS OF ADULT EDUCATION Adult Education Association of the U.S.A. 1815 University Avenue Madison, Wisconsin 53706  TO: Commission of the Professors of Adult Education FROM: Burton W. Kreitlow, Chairman DATE: January 24, 1969 SUBJECT: GLEAMINGS FROM MY CORRESPONDENCE WITH PROFESSORS SINCE OUR IOWA SESSION As I work on responses to a pile–up of Commission duties I've decided to list items that should be shared with all of you. There is no planned sequence to the items, I'm jotting them down as I page through the file. 1. The dates of the Galaxy Conference in Washington, D. C. are December 6–11. This means that our meetings should be December 4 and 5, 5 and 6, or 4, 5. and 6. Program Chairman Eugene DuBois will be in touch. 2. Glenn Jensen tells me that Ginn will publish free 5,000 copies of Careers in Adult and Continuing Education. Perhaps we'll see some soon. 3. I am unable to distribute copies in quantity of the report Educating the Adult Educator: Part 2. Taxonomy of Needed Research. However, the document is in the public domain and can be duplicated in any way you wish (mimeo, xerox, etc. – including copies through ERIC). Sorry! One additional copy is being sent to each of you. 4. Did you fill out Wayne Schroeder's survey from "Professional Exchange Project"? It's due January 30, 1969. If you've lost yours better write Wayne for another. 5. Do you have a list of the Chairmen of our Commission's Task Forces? Here they are. Graduate Programs. . . . . . . . . John Ohliger Research . . . . . . . . . . . . . Allen Tough Promotion of Graduate Study. . . . James Draper Theory Building Workshop . . . . . William Griffith Applied Fields . . . . . . . . . . John Craddock  The Chairmen of the Task Forces are encouraged to make their work known to the entire Commission as progress is made.


{7:79:902:I:540,456:1764,1941} 6. Allen Tough was asked to use the National Seminar on Research as the base to organize an Ad Hoc Graduate Student Committee to plan a session for the student group at AEA Conference in Washington next December. This has been done. 7. Len Nadler has agreed to take care of the housing and meeting arrangements for our Commission meeting in Washington, D. C. next December. You'll hear from him soon. 8. George Russell is Chairman of the Membership Committee and is about to begin screening applications from those in graduate programs in extension education or other closely allied programs. If you know of someone whom you think should be a member please send their name and address to George at once. 9. The following were approved for membership on the Commission: Dewey Adams. . . . North Carolina State University Irene Beavers. . . Iowa State University Robert Carlson . . University of Saskatchewan J. D. George . . . North Carolina State University Virginia Griffin . Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Alton Hadlock. . . University of Utah Norman High. . . . Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Denzil Klegg . . . Colorado State University Jack Mezirow . . . Teachers College, Columbia University John Peters. . . . North Carolina State University Ronald Shearon . . North Carolina State University 10. If you believe that your present position is such that they no longer qualify for membership on the Commission, why not inform our membership Chairman. He will check it out. 11. A new membership roster is enclosed.


{7:79:904:I:0,0:2544,3300} November 27, 1968 Memo to Burton Kreitlow, Ann Litchfield (for the minutes), and George Russell From Allen Tough It seems to me that we became clear, at the recent meeting of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education and at the subsequent meeting of the executive committee, that membership on the Commission should be open to anyone whose major current responsibilities are those of a professor of adult education or extension education, and only to such persons. The main responsibilities of each member of the Commission, then, are teaching in a graduate program in adult education or extension education, helping thesis students in that field, and/or conducting research In that field. This criterion, and the discussion at the two meetings, helped us become clear about two things. One, in deciding whether to admit an individual to membership on the Commission, no individual should be excluded because his program or department is called "extension education" or "Cooperative Extension" rather than "adult education." For example, we should admit a faculty member in extension education if he or she is spending at least 50% of his or her time at graduate teaching, research, and helping thesis students in such areas as teaching methods or extension methods, psychology of adult learning, program development, evaluation, organization and administration, and adoption and innovation. Two, all current members who are no longer professors of adult education should be removed from the membership list. For example, if an individual is no longer spending at least half of his time at research and teaching in adult education as a faculty member, he should not be retained as a member. Only individuals who are currently and primarily faculty members in adult or extension education should be members. Probably few if any other individuals, whether called observers or something else, should attend the business meetings and other sessions (except sessions especially designed for anyone who is teaching a graduate course in the field, or some other audience), unless invited for some specific purpose. At the meeting in Iowa City, we became .clear that the questions of membership and of target audience are two separate questions. The members of the Commission are those who are currently and primarily professors of adult or extension education. In addition, some of the opportunities for learning about graduate programs (for example, certain mimeographed materials, or certain sessions dealing with graduate programs or thesis research, or discussions about how to teach certain kinds of courses) might be extended to other persons, such as faculty members who teach only one or two courses in adult or extension education, or even to doctoral students who expect to become professors.


{7:79:905:I:345,369:1977,2421}TO: Committee of Adult Education Organizations. Coalition of Adult Education Organizations FROM.: Howell W. McGee, Secretary SUBJECT: January 28, 1970 meeting The Committee and Coalition of Adult Education Organizations will meet Wednesday, January 28, 1970, at 9:30 A.M. in the Center of Higher Education, One Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C. No hotel space has been reserved so you will please make your own hotel arrangements. This will be the organization meeting for the Coalition and will be the final meeting for the Committee. Each association is invited to send two delegates to this meeting. The organizations, who have ratified the constitution of the Coalition and the official delegates who have been reported to this office are: ADULT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OF THE U.S.A. Dr. Hamilton Stillwell Jules Pagano AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF JUNIOR COLLEGES Nathan C. Shaw J. Kenneth Cummiskey ASSOCIATION FOR FIELD SERVICES IN TEACHER EDUCATION Charles Longacre ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY EVENING COLLEGES Clarence R. Thompson Howell W. McGee NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR PUBLIC SCHOOL ADULT EDUCATION Dr. Clyde Weinhold COUNCIL OF NATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Leonard Aires If the above list is not correct or if there should be additional persons named, please notify me immediately. In the future only official delegates will be notified of the meetings.


{7:79:906:I:0,0:2544,3300} COMMISSION OF THE PROFESSORS OF ADULT EDUCATION Adult Education Association of the U.S.A. 1815 University Avenue Madison, Wisconsin 53706  January 29, 1969 Mr. Paul Delker, Director Division of Adult Education Programs U. S. Office of Education Department of Health, Education & Welfare Washington, D. C. Dear Paul: At the meeting of the Commission of the Professors of Adult Education we discussed with you several channels of joint effort and communication within the field of Adult Education. One of these channels was the willingness of the professors to serve as consultants for the U.S.O.E. when adult education programs, projects, research and developments were being considered by your office. This letter is to reassert our willingness to be on your consultant lists and for that purpose I am enclosing the most up–to–date roster of our membership. Many of us, I am sure, are already active in this consulting role but others who are not would be most willing to serve if asked. The second setting for joint effort would be in financial help your office could provide for meetings of our Task Forces or special committees or even our Annual Commission Meeting when the purposes of these meetings and the purposes of your office could both be served by such. For your information I have attached a listing of our Task Forces and their chairmen. I am advising them to contact you if they have ideas that they believe would be mutually productive. A listing of our Executive Committee is also attached. Please feel free to contact me if you have ideas for joint effort and I will reciprocate. Very truly yours, Burton W. Kreitlow, CHAIRMAN BWK/kc Enc. 3 cc: Task Force Chairmen


{7:79:907:I:204,390:2016,2394}COMMISSION OF THE PROFESSORS OF ADULT EDUCATION Adult Education Association of the U.S.A. TASK F0RCES 1969 Graduate Programs Theory Building Workshop John Ohliger William Griffith Center for Adult Education Department of Education The Ohio State University University of Chicago Columbus, Ohio 43210 5835 Kimbark Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637 Research Applied Fields Allen Tough John Craddock Ontario Institute .Teachers College for Studies In Education Division of Education 102 BIoor Street, West Ball State University James Draper Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 102 Bloor Street, West Toronto 5, Ontario, Canada


{7:79:908:I:531,300:1509,2253}COMMISSION OF THE PROFESSORS OF ADULT EDUCATION Adult Education Association of the U.S.A. EXECUTIVE C0MMITTEE 1969 Burton W. Kreitlow, Chairman Office of Adult Education The University of Wisconsin 1815 University Avenue Madison, Wisconsin 53706 Eugene E. DuBois School of Education Boston University 765 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Massachusetts 02215 Ann Litchfield Department of Education University of Chicago 5835 Kimbark Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637 George Russell Department of Adult Education North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina 27607 Allen M. Tough Ontario Institute for Studies In Education 102 Bloor Street, West Toronto 5, Ontario, Canada



{7:79:910:I:189,255:2190,1116}Dr. Burton W. Kreitlow –2– February 4, 1969 As soon as I have membership application forms ready I will see that all the people mentioned in your letter and accompanying materials receive such forms. I have received a few other inquiries also. I have considered circulating the present membership to check on whether they still meet Commission membership qualifications. I'll keep you posted as the Committee work progresses. I have enclosed the form about meeting dates. Cordially, George D. Russell Assistant Professor GDR:sh enclosures


{7:79:911:I:0,0:2544,3300} THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY TALLAHASSEE 32306 ADULT AND CONTINUING EDUCATION COLLEGE OF EDUCATION GRADUATE INSTRUCTION–RESEARCH–EXTENSION February 4, 1969 Dr. Burton W. Kreitlow Chairman Commission of the Professors of Adult Education 1815 University Avenue Madison, Wisconsin 53706 Dear Burt: You will find enclosed minutes of the December 16 meeting of the Committee of Adult Education organizations and a letter to Walker dated November 26. You should have received carbon of the latter with announcement of December 16 meeting. Yet if you did, then why the statement in your January 24 letter to me–– "I didn't get to the meeting held in December and I didn't know anything about it either." The only other information I have on the Committee of Adult Education organizations was included in materials sent to you from Iowa City. Among the materials sent should have been a folder with all previous minutes of the Committee. To refresh your memory, the materials I speak of are those that you could not carry back with you from our November meeting––Doctor's orders. Your professional exchange form arrived too late to include in the summary report. I'll hold on to it and send it out as a supplement later. Sincerely, Wayne L. Schroeder Associate Professor WLS:mmc


{7:79:913:I:0,0:2544,3300}COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY FORT COLLINS, COLORADO 80521 February 7, 1969 Dr. Burton W. Kreitlow Office of Adult Education The University of Wisconsin 1815 University Avenue Madison, Wisconsin 53706 Dear Professor Kreitlow: I am certainly pleased to receive word that I have been approved for membership on the Commission of the Professors of Adult Education. We certainly are involved in continuing education in the State of Colorado and Colorado State University. We are using material of yours and of the Commission members as we go about developing a doctorate program in continuing education. In fact, we had a group here yesterday from the State and another one tomorrow discussing the need for such a program in the State. Roy Minnis suggested that I address this letter to Professor Kreitlow since my name was started with a K in the letter from you. We certainly appreciate the help that Roy gave us. He is truly a resourceful person in the field of adult education. I am looking forward to seeing you again and if you are ever out this way, do stop in. Very truly yours, Denzil O. Clegg Education and Research Coordinator DOC/r COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY AND U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE COOPERATING


{7:79:914:I:159,366:2127,1779} COMMISSION OF THE PROFESSORS OF ADULT EDUCATION Adult Education Association of the U.S.A. 1815 University Avenue Madison, Wisconsin 53706 TO: Executive Committee FROM:. Burton W. Kreitlow, Chairman DATE: February 14, 1969 SUBJECT: SUGGESTED STATEMENT AND APPLICATION FORM FOR MEMBERSHIP Attached is a statement from Mason Atwood which will be sent to the Executive Secretary of the A.E.A. as soon as I receive possible corrections from the Executive Committee. You will note on the copy I have inserted at three places the words "or a closely allied field." This is my suggestion to open up the proposal for those whose major may be other than Adult Education but who's long–term professional focus is Adult Education. It also clearly makes possible the inclusion of Extension Education and other such titles that are given to programs at some institutions. If you have any suggestions for changes in the Atwood document please get them to me within the next two weeks. If I receive none, or if I concur with the changes suggested and they are not major, I will make the final determination and send it in.




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