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Box 1, Folder 2, Set 4/4.




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{7:78:888:I:327,783:1857,2205} Dr. Allen M. Tough. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 102 Bloor Street, West Toronto 5, 0ntario, Canada Dear Allen: I was pleased to receive your memorandum of November 23 expressing an interest in developing a more structured situation for our graduate students within AEA/USA. I am soliciting ideas and comments from students and faculty in this regard. Having had some experience in the scheduling of activities for the AEA Conference, I believe it would be fruitless to attempt to identify a time and place on the program when "nothing else important" has been scheduled. I feel that there are many activities the students could profitably indulge themselves in during two sessions scheduled concurrently with AEA -- or as a part of the AEA Conference. You have ably identified some of these in your memo. How about having a student committee composed of one student from each of our four institutions appointed and through correspondence with one another, work out a program which would reflect the desires and interests of the students themselves? In any event, I think you have a good idea and I am all for exploring it further. Sincerely, George F. Aker Professor and Head GFA:sg cc: Bill Griffith Burton Kreitlow


{7:78:889:I:285,474:1881,2130}December 9, 1968 Dr. Burton Kreitlow Professor of Adult Education The University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin 53706 Dear Burt: I have a few suggestions to offer to you in your capacity as chairman of the Commission of the Professors of Adult Education. (1) Appoint Allen Tough chairman of a one-man committee of the professors to put together a student planning committee for the 1969 AEA meeting. (2) Convene the professors who will be attending the National Seminar on Adult Education Research to discuss the matter and perhaps to meet with the student planning committee which could, if appointed expeditiously, meet during the National Seminar. (3) Invite brother Aker or Glen Jensen to arrange for an "official" appointment of an ad hoc committee of adult education graduate students to legitimize the committee which Allen can whoop up. (4) Express your support for a graduate student meeting at AEA to Allen and to the student planning committee. Sincerely ours, William S. Griffith Assistant Professor WSG:dp cc: George F. Aker


{7:78:887:I:312,1464:1878,789} With regard to your letter of November 23, I suggest that we ask that a half-day be held for a meeting of all graduate students at the AEA Conference in Washington. The professors could join the group, if invited, for the entire session. The meeting could be brought to a close by a student-professor cash-bar. I feel strongly that this activity must be conducted by the students for themselves and not by us for them. Sincerely yours, William S. Griffith Assistant Professor






{7:78:893:I:225,771:1956,1743} December 10, 1968 Dr. Robert E. Sharer Executive Director Adult Education Association of U.S.A. 1225 Nineteenth Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. 20036 Dear Dr. Sharer: As Chairman of the Program Committee of the Commission of Professors of Adult Education, I am beginning to make preliminary plans for next year's meeting. I would appreciate it very such if you would inform me of the dates for the 19th Annual Conference of AEA. As plans develop, I would hope that I might be kept abreast of activities which you believe would be of interest to the Commission's executive Committee and to me as Program Chairman. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Eugene E. Dubois Assistant Professor of Education cc: Professor Burton Kreitlow pas


{7:78:894:I:246,252:2001,1524}December 12, 1968 MEMO TO: John Ohliger, Graduate Programs Task Force Jim Draper, Promote Graduate Study Task Force Bill Griffith, Theory Building Workshop John Craddock, Applied Fields Task Force. Allen Tough, Research Task Force Burton Kreitlow, Chairman, Commission of Professors of Adult Education. FROM: Ann Litchfield IN RE: Mailing list labels which are enclosed. The Executive Committee of the Commission of Professors of adult education asked me to compile and send to you, as our contact person for the Task Force or work areas as noted above, two sets of mailing labels of the members of the Commission and the observers. This request was based on the premise that you will be contacting the Commission about Task Force matters during the next several months. If you need more labels please let me know. If you note any inaccuracies or omissions in the list, please let me know that too.




{7:78:896:I:0,0:2544,3300} Dr. Marc R. Shibels 2. December 16, 1968 Lane your UCEA representative that met with us in. Iowa City, cleared this matter up at our recent meeting when he assured us that no such guarantee was necessary because it is expected that many groups in addition to the adult educators involved would find the materials useful, thus assuring UCEA, and Interstate who would handle the sales, of an adequate market. Another misunderstanding resulted because initially we thought that the materials were targeted primarily for use by professors of adult education when in fact the primary target audience is State Department of Education workshop planners, public school adult educators and junior and community college educators who will use the materials (probably in cooperation with some professors of adult education) for short-term in-service or pre-service training programs for their respective constituencies. We cleared this matter up among ourselves when we were able to meet together after reading the materials. The comments and decisions of our committees are as follows. Gene Dubois was congratulated on his work and we hope that in any further action that UCEA or others may take that Gene be asked to serve as a consultant. Also, we recommend that the logical representatives of the target audiences for the materials, as suggested above, be consulted (i.e., State Directors of Adult Education, NAPSAE, AAJC), and that one person or a small number of persons be asked to make any revisions in the material they judge to be appropriate. Such revision might include items in the attached memo we asked Russell Kleis to write. Thus, Ken Gordon's sub-committee, in consultation with my committee, felt that some up-dating and revision of the material is desirable (since so many important issues have arisen since the material was first developed), and perhaps that some greater account be taken of the generalizability of the case under study and the issues-of-the-day. We recommended that Jim Dorland, Bob Luke, Richard Cortright, and Ken Cummiskey be informed about these materials and that their interest and involvement in the final development of the materials be sought. At the Des Moines meeting of AEA, I had the opportunity of talking with Jim Dorland about this matter, and he was most enthusiastic about the possibilities. He had a quick glance at the materials and agreed to inform Bob Luke about the matter and to seek out an appropriate person from one of his organizations (State Directors or NAPSAE) who might work on the materials. I suggest you contact Jim to see who he has been able to locate. I am sending a copy of this letter with a note to Ken Cummiskey of AAJC and I imagine you will wish to contact him as well. It was also agreed that I put professors of adult education interested in other kinds of simulation material development or in materials for other audiences in touch with you. I have heard from several professors about this and have given them your name as the appropriate person to contact. Specifically the professors with whom I have talked are:


{7:78:897:I:354,252:1953,2472} Dr. Marc R. Shibels 3. December 16, 1968 Alton P. Haddock Director Adult Education University of Utah P. 0. Box 200 Salt Lake City, Utah 84110 Alan B. Knox Teachers College Columbia University 525 West 120th Street New York, New York 10027 John Peters Department of Adult Education North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina 27607 Dewey Adams Department of Adult Education North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina 27607 John A. Niemi Faculty of Education University of British Columbia Vancouver 8, British Columbia, Canada Virginia Griffin Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 102 Bloor Street West Toronto, Ontario, Canada With these recommendations and actions, the commission concurred and our committees were disbanded. We wish you much success in carrying on with the project and assure you we will help in every way we can, as a Commission, to foster the sale and appropriate use of the materials when they become available. Also, it is obvious that there is so much need for additional materials to be developed based upon other kinds of case studies, that we wish to encourage you in every way we can to get such materials developed. Our copy of Gene's materials is enclosed with this letter. Thank you again for your patience while we accomplished our committee work.


{7:78:898:I:261,357:2055,2442}MEMO TO: Eugene DuBois FROM: Russell Kleis IN RE: In-Basket Materials In-basket situations should include items calling for consideration of: Recent legislation - e.g. state aid for adult education Adult Education Act of 1966 (Title III ESEA) Manpower Development and Training Act Economic Opportunity Act Job Corps Basic Education Teacher Corps (Now in HEA) etc. etc. Current Social Issues - e.g. Equality of Opportunity Public-private institution relationships War-peace questions (Vietnam, etc.) Guaranteed Income Race Questions of Educational Policy - e.g. School district reorganization Community College - K-12 relationships State-Federal-Local control conflict Presently proposed items lean heavily toward procedural questions - time consuming trivia - These are indeed important items to include in such training materials - but they are not sufficient - and used alone they focus attention on the wrong issues - and implicitly present a biased and unfortunate conception of the adult education administrators role. If there is to be a bias (and there surely will be) why not deliberately and responsibly. build in a positive bias - toward issues that really matter.




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