Commission of Professors of Adult Education [CPAE] Records 421

Box 9, Folder 17, Set 1/1

The Adult Education History Project

Based on Information in the Syracuse University Library Archives

Translated for the WWW by Roger Hiemstra









Commission of Professors of Adult Education [CPAE].


Records, 1953-1985, 1960-1983 (bulk).






32 distinguished Americans rethink the place of the humanities in our culture-- from a national survey for the 1980s.


Subject Files.


Commission on the Humanities, report, 1980.
















Commission on the Humanities.




Commission on the Humanities.The humanities in America, 1980.



Box 9, Folder 17, Set 1/1.




In addition to following normal manuscript citation conventions, include these elements when citing records found "electronically" through The Adult Education History Project: Main entry, Title, Item number, and, if a specific image is being cited, Component number. Mention, too, that the record was found in "/history.html, an Electronic Source for Syracuse University Library's database for archives and manuscripts".





Created on May 1, 2002


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